Q Puzzle Clues

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1 Charlotte of “Facts of Life”
4 Activity of Isadora Duncan
9 “Ellen” network
12 Boot out
14 “Cats” was based on his poems
15 Oriental au pair
16 State where two women could be in a marriage, formerly
17 Evans, who was kissed by Rock Hudson on “Dynasty”
18 “ÀQue ___?” (Lorca’s “What’s up?”)
19 Pussy of note
21 Try a Susan Feniger cookbook, e.g.
22 Bill written by Alice Paul
23 Red-light or Castro
26 Paige and Cameron
29 Pass, as human rights laws
30 Marga Gomez’s “Good-bye!”
31 Type of bang
32 Like a milquetoast
36 Willingly
37 When repeated, a “Funny Girl” song
38 Suffix with prefer
39 Sexy clothing material
40 Needing a Magnum, perhaps
41 Make noise in bed
42 “My Fair Lady” lady
44 Erects
45 Writer and singer of “Sissy Blues”
48 Peace, to Manuel Puig
49 Get down on your knees in front of
50 Some International Male items
55 Straight, in a bar
56 Batman’s alter ego Wayne
58 Rupert Everett’s ” ___ Life”
59 Dancer Shawn and others
60 Langston Hughes device
61 Heterogeneous mixture
62 Caligula’s arts
63 Pink shades
64 Do-over for Billie Jean
1 Give a good beating to
2 Erotic opening
3 Hairy twin
4 Mouths of Russian River and others
5 Went down
6 Movie about Irishmen posing as “rent boys”
7 Provincetown’s Cape
8 One of the E’s of Socrates
9 Place for a G-string
10 Stone’s ” ___ Instinct”
11 “We’re here, we’re queer …,” e.g.
13 Film about two lesbians and a male escort
15 Movie about a film buff with a mysterious roommate
20 Screws up
21 And so on, for short
24 Torso opening
25 Seasoning for Rick Rodgers
26 You might get dates from it, or use it if you don’t have a date
27 Warhol pal ___ Sedgwick
28 Executive bondage tools
31 Dressing for Dr. Kildare
33 Actor John of “Nowhere” and “Flawless”
34 Drag queen’s stocking shade
35 “Do Not Enter,” with “out”
37 Bone of the leg
41 Fashion line?
43 Controversial Michael Cuesta film
44 Abercrombie & Fitch buying binges
45 Devilfish
46 Maria’s “do” equivalent
47 Yellow Brick and others
51 Top
52 Novelist Patricia ___ Warren
53 Maupin story
54 Strip under the futon
56 Cold response
57 P on Socrates’ paper

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