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Q Puzzle Clues

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1 Skin designs, for short
5 Concern of SAGE
10 She played gay in “Silkwood”
14 Opera queen’s fave, perhaps
15 Spokes of dykes on bikes, e.g.
16 60 minutes, for Frida
17 Gay decathalon athlete
19 Some guys do it nocturnally
20 River of Garbo’s homeland
21 Painter of ballerinas
22 Master’s underlings
23 Dietrich of “Blue Angel”
25 Tuft of pubic hair, e.g.
26 Gay golfer
31 Pudendum
34 Cole Porter’s Miss
35 Bonheur’s island
36 Chelsea Pines and others
37 More sad about having no porno movies?
39 Julia Morgan wings
40 Head movement
41 Middle name of “Viva Las Vegas” singer
42 Billie Holiday’s “God ___ the Child”
43 Gay diver
47 Butts
48 Jolly Roger fliers
52 Sculptor Edmonia
54 Pass, as human rights laws
56 Glenn Burke stat
57 Protected, to seamen
58 Gay swimmer
60 “___ my wit’s end!” (cry of a bottom comic’s lover?)
61 Scout’s recitation, and others
62 Ian McKellen and Elton John
63 Party affiliation of M.P. Alan Duncan
64 Nice buns, for example
65 Lambda Leg. Defense lawyer, e.g.

1 O’Neal of “The Bad News Bears”
2 It arouses two body openings
3 One with an hourglass figure
4 Went out with
5 Burning with desire
6 “Inspector ___ ” (Rupert Everett flick)
7 ___ Exchange ( feature)
8 Zips
9 Bellows of “Ally McBeal”
10 What you would say for Tee Corinne?
11 ’50s name for a gay activist
12 Sinead O’Connor’s country
13 Bruce Davison played with his in “Willard”
18 Beat ___ horse
22 They may be fruity
24 Aides superiors
25 Spin like a top
27 Like a chicken hawk’s prey
28 Cross-dresser Jeanne d’Arc, e.g. (abbr.)
29 Start of a Shakespearean title
30 Untouchable head
31 Dynasty long before the Carringtons
32 ___ about (roughly)
33 Sexy Barneys purchase
37 The Brewer twins, for short
38 Muscleman Ferrigno
39 Poet Gidlow
41 Kind of box that brings relief
42 Result of nongay sex
44 Homosexuality?
45 Geronimo or Cochise
46 Most like Nelly?
49 Words to a shy partner
50 Film critic Roger
51 “Oliver Button Is a ___ ”
52 Debussy’s milk
53 Sailor’s patron
54 Stats from “A League of Their Own”
55 Testicles
58 Drag queen’s favorite snake?
59 Queer ___ three-dollar bill

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