Q Puzzle Clues

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In the Bag

1 Bear’s fur
5 “The Hours” producer Rudin
10 Sometime defender of gay rights
14 Atop
15 “Gone With the Wind” heroine Scarlett
16 Shaped meat dish
17 They wave their sticks at Shea
18 Soft seats
19 Errol Flynn’s “The Sun ___ Rises”
20 Any testicles, to their owners?
23 Miller’s Willy
24 “Hath ___ sister?”: Shakespeare
25 Vidal’s “Visit ___ Small Planet”
27 Gay rodeo affirmative
28 Grace, or will to be diplomatic
32 Rudy Galindo, for one
34 Be openly gay from the beginning?
37 One in bondage
38 Tiny testicles?
41 “I see,” Charlie Chan-style
44 N of NGLTF
47 Proposals in bars
50 Tickled pink
51 The Eagle, to NASA
53 Where mil. flyers don’t ask or tell
54 One to Ulrichs
56 ___-Whirl (amusement park ride)
58 How croutons spilled in a man’s lap may go?
63 Cole Porter’s “___ Love Again”
64 Scroll at Beth Chayim Chadashim
65 Creator of Sal Mineo’s “Exodus” character
66 Shakespeare’s Hamlet, e.g.
67 Come next
68 Director Norman of “Prelude to a Kiss”
69 Problem for a drag queen’s hosiery
70 Where a queen may rule
71 Like Cho’s comedy

1 Be the passive one in S/M
2 Like a heavy load
3 Take a crack at
4 Puccini opera
5 Matching notes for Rorem?
6 Cabbage, to Cocteau
7 Meatheads
8 Word that takes “Euro” as a prefix
9 Samples some buns, e.g.
10 Ruck of “Spin City”
11 “Claudine at School” author
12 One who could go for your calves
13 It may come from Uranus
21 Brief opening?
22 Hard woody one
26 Sandy’s sound in “Annie”
29 30-Down, e.g. (abbr.)
30 Lawyer Roy
31 Heavy, horny band members?
33 The A in GLARP
35 Andy’s partner
36 Jodie Foster’s “Little Man ___ ”
39 Civil rights monument architect Maya ___
40 Gambling game for drawers
41 “Alone ___ Drive-in Movie” (“Grease”)
42 Ratso portrayer Dustin
43 Audrey Hepburn role
45 Played the siren
46 Charging rent
48 Pro partner
49 Amy, to David Sedaris
52 “Abe Lincoln in Illinois” star Raymond
55 Not a single person
57 Harden
59 Force that causes you to go down
60 Bear among the stars
61 Lynde of “Bewitched”
62 Those, to Gomer
63 They get checked at bathhouses

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