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Q Puzzle Clues

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Clang, Clang, Clang …

1 Type of toy
4 “An American in Paris” actress
9 Music man’s org.
14 “We ___ everywhere” (’70s slogan)
15 City in the Osmonds’ home state
16 Dorothy, to Em
17 Article of Marlene Dietrich
18 Where Chris Meloni puts them behind bars that go “Clang!”
20 “East of Eden” director Kazan
22 Folk hero of Lorca’s land
23 “___ De-Lovely”
24 Ovary and testicle
27 Lie on top of
29 Where the barbells clang, for a muscle Mary
32 Conductor Georg
33 J. Spahr and M. White
34 Jethrene Bodine portrayer Max
35 City of Queen Fabiola’s land
39 With 47-Across, where the trolley goes “clang”
41 Artist Eva
42 Fairy tales and such
43 Porn-watcher’s comment?
45 They come in buggies
47 See 39-Across
52 Capable of being smoothly cut
54 Doug Mattis, for one
55 Lanka head
56 Things from which to deviate
59 It means nothing to Frida Kahlo
60 “Clang, clang, clang went the trolley …” singer
64 Tic ___ (sometimes fruit candy)
65 Kate’s sitcom partner
66 Like the subjects of “Gay and Gray”
67, e.g.
68 Reacts to “Philadelphia,” perhaps
69 Hard up
70 Part of a tongue that comes at the end

1 Homophobe, e.g.
2 One way to enjoy a partner
3 Out reply to “Are you gay?”
4 One under Sgt. Matlovich
5 Constellation over Rio
6 Gay horror writer Michael
7 Shape of George Frenn’s track
8 One who’s under the “dont ask, don’t tell” rule
9 Poles that can shock it to you
10 Title for John Gielgud
11 Marks in Proust’s writing
12 See-through sheets
13 Get wet with excitement, perhaps
19 Type of school that trained Bish. Robinson
21 Beebo Brinker creator Bannon
25 Come quickly
26 Dir. for your first mate
28 Frat toga, e.g.
30 Dr. Kerry Weaver has them inserted
31 Old line for cockpit workers
35 It may make a boxer go down
36 Dave Pallone’s plate regulation?
37 Co-creator of “Spamalot”
38 Kristy McNichol sitcom “Empty ___ ”
40 Top-secret org.
41 “Doggone!”
44 Rosie O’Donnell has two
46 Swingers’ joints?
47 Canadian singer/songwriter
48 “At Seventeen” singer Janis
49 Edmonia Lewis work
50 Woods that work like moth balls
51 Figure in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescos
53 Mauna ___
57 Colette’s Miss, for short
58 Marquis name?
61 High-pitched cry, doggy-style
62 Composer Rorem
63 Like Kate Clinton’s humor

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