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Q Puzzle Clues

By |2005-12-01T09:00:00-05:00December 1st, 2005|Entertainment|
Beam Me Out, Scotty

1 Sucker or suckee?
5 Is capable, like a horse in “Guys and Dolls”
10 Put in stitches, like Margaret Cho
14 In the year, to Nero
15 It arouses you in bed
16 Work under Tammy Baldwin
17 Michael Thomas Ford’s “It’s Not ___ If It’s True”
18 Type of salami you can put in your hero
19 Lying on
20 With 46- and 55-Across, what it feels like to come out, hyperbolically?
23 A dentist may stick it in your mouth
24 It’ll spice up your meat
25 With 29-Across, “Star Trek” actor who came out recently
29 See 25-Across
33 Position at sea
36 Gravel-voiced actor Arthur
37 Barber composition
38 ” ___ Feet Under”
39 The real “L word”
41 Dress up, with out
42 Kevin of “American Beauty”
44 Heavenly body
45 Janet or niece Hunter
46 See 20-Across
47 Character played by 29-Across
49 Make-or-break date
51 “Otherwise …”
55 See 20-Across
59 Tough guy penetrator
61 Loads
62 Coward’s confession?
63 Lead-in for sex?
64 Cash drawers
65 Regarding
66 Direction from Stephen Pyles
67 Makes less difficult to bear
68 Not even once, to Whitman

1 Disney deer
2 “There’s a single runner” to Billy Bean
3 With “fours,” doggy-style
4 Being tied down by a lover
5 Tight-lipped (var.)
6 “Break ___!”
7 It comes before second
8 Nod out
9 Marlon Brando’s hometown
10 Gutsy Greek
11 A little behind
12 “Fourscore and seven years ___ …”
13 Affirmative for Gomer
21 Sleep (with), to Shakespeare
22 Eulogizer of Diana in song
26 Heed a master
27 Second pitches for Saint-Saens
28 Eva of “Gigi”
30 Clinton of comedy
31 Alfred Douglas’ school
32 “Otello” villain
33 The A of ILGA
34 Suction head
35 Doctors make you strip for it
37 “The Jungle Book” star (1942)
39 Gives for a while
40 Org. that questioned tax-exempt status of gay groups
43 “Six Feet Under” character
45 Orton’s “The ___ on the Stair”
47 Problem for a looker?
48 Hwy. to the Hamptons
50 Material for nice stones
52 Lief’s tongue
53 Mount the soapbox
54 Opera guy
55 System for a Johnny Mathis song
56 Zips
57 “Legally Blonde” character
58 Porgy’s lady
59 Sound of an inflated doll with a leak
60 Head cover

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