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Q Puzzle Clues

By | 2005-12-08T09:00:00-05:00 December 8th, 2005|Entertainment|
Girl Crush

1 “West Side Story” faction
5 “Twelfth Night” quintet
9 Ballet bends
14 Protected, to seamen
15 Go down
16 Bea Arthur’s TV maid Esther
17 Turner, Hailey
20 Result of a lick on the head, perhaps
21 Von Trapp’s rank in the navy
22 Kevin Isom’s “It Only Hurts When I “”” ”
24 Milk, so to speak
25 Bushy do
28 Direction from The Naked Chef
30 Silence for Saint-Saens
34 Pansies, for example
37 Rupert Everett’s ” “””-a-Porter”
39 Leave open-mouthed
40 King, Jones
43 Sodom suffix
44 Trojans’ org.
45 San Francisco’s Eagle, e.g.
46 Gas brand in the land of Jane Rule
48 Tale opening
50 Cousin of Jethro and Jethrine
51 Leg attachment?
53 Artist Hernandez
56 Embrace
60 Used plastic at Barneys, e.g.
64 Etheridge, De Rossi, Lang
66 A stripper takes it off
67 King’s address
68 Request from one’s knees
69 Plugs away
70 Jodie Foster’s “Little Man “”” ”
71 Cole Porter’s “You’d Be So “”” to Love”

1 Infatuated with Mr. Right Now
2 David Hyde Pierce, to Yale
3 Roehm’s refusal
4 Total accumulation of orientation determiners, for some
5 Prop to go with “I have a headache …”
6 Sounds like the Tin Man unlubricated
7 Hard top?
8 Kind of sheet
9 Gets ready for action
10 Screw around
11 Rick’s old flame
12 Educational level of many fairy tales
13 He’s just Jack
18 Kahlo’s that
19 Part of YSL
23 Having a cool head
25 Madonna, in “The Next Best Thing”
26 Travels like Tinker Bell
27 Edna and Arnold, to Harvey
29 “I Got Rhythm” writer Gershwin
31 Supporter for Cassatt
32 Move like Nureyev, at times
33 Unlikely male stat posting
35 Lots of secs
36 What Stephen Pyles makes you come back for
38 Part of a chorus line?
41 Brady girl played by Eve Plumb
42 Like a fruit that’s over the hill
47 Lubricating
49 Cowboy’s job in “The Boys in the Band”
52 Gives a pink slip to
54 Number of sides to a gay symbol
55 Enjoy orally
56 Shakespeare’s Puck, and others
57 Scott of “Beautiful Thing”
58 Muse to George Chauncey and John Boswell
59 Stanwyck’s ” “”” Side, West Side”
61 The Oscars, e.g.
62 Barely gets, with “out”
63 Make-or-break date
65 Zadora of “Hairspray”

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