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Q Puzzle Clues

By |2005-12-15T09:00:00-05:00December 15th, 2005|Entertainment|
Holiday Sing-a-long

1 Prefix with bell, for a voice role of Nathan Lane
5 Cuddle in bed
10 Broadway mewsical?
14 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin
15 Animal role in “The Emperor’s New Groove”
16 Protected, to seamen
17 Treats as a sexual object
18 Annoy during a blow job?
19 Smallest member of the litter
20 Carol for writer Edmund?
23 Antidiscrimination letters
24 Map 69, perhaps (abbr.)
25 Little sausage
26 Member of the Gay and Lesbian Arabic Society, perhaps
28 Less outgoing
31 R. Cohn, e.g.
32 Like a muscle Mary
34 Agy. that denies green cards to same-sex partners
35 Jennifer Lien’s “Star Trek: Voyager” role
36 Carol for playwright Coward, with “The”?
39 Official at a Houston Comets game
41 Ricky Martin’s that
42 Tease
46 “Once Upon a Mattress” legume
47 David Sedaris spins them
49 “The Wizard of Oz” producer Mervyn
50 Straddling
52 Hawk-chicken difference
54 Way to get an opponent to love?
55 Carol for actor Hudson?
59 Did a bad imitation of Bette Davis
60 Piss off
61 Geoffrey of “Frida”
63 Moliere’s mommy
64 All-out
65 Sad about having no porno movies?
66 The A in GLARP
67 Hard up
68 Suckers

1 Coin of Foucault
2 “Piece of cake”
3 Robin Williams’ ” ___ Photo”
4 “Now, where ___?”
5 Cold shower
6 Puts one’s finger on
7 Scout’s promise to be “morally straight”
8 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” guy
9 Alan Spear, to Minnesota
10 Montmartre menu
11 Jodie Foster et al., to Yale
12 Characters in “Rent”
13 Lays into
21 Lopez, who sang about a fruit tree
22 What one becomes after kneeling before a queen
23 Logo for a Dean Cain role
27 Remove from the head
29 Make a pass at
30 P-town’s Crowne Pointe, e.g.
33 Lube dispenser
35 Contemporary of Max Jacob
37 Abbr. of old in Tatu’s land
38 Lurer of phallic fish
39 James Beard offerings
40 Bacon procurers
43 Horror film character that sucks?
44 Puts in a penal institution
45 Carson Kressley has a queer one for fashion
46 “The ___ Game”
47 Big initials in fashion
48 Like one’s nuts, perhaps
51 The Osmonds’ birthplace
53 ___ hole
56 Belle’s companion
57 Suffix with Smurf
58 Crystal balls, e.g.
62 Cocks and bulls

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