Q Puzzle Clues

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Male Hetero View

1 Seeds of fleshy fruit
5 Queen’s dancing skirts
10 Like some dam kind of sex?
14 Field of Niles Crane (abbr.)
15 Bridge bid, briefly
16 Hand, when measuring a stallion
17 Cicero’s queer
18 Reading at Metropolitan Community Church
19 They’re neither Log Cabin Rep. nor Stonewall Dem.
20 Male hetero view of homosexuality, often
23 69 and others (abbr.)
24 Always, to Byron
25 Illegal way to have a cow?
27 Split to unite
29 Give the slip to
31 No. in a little black book
32 Race with a baton, for George Frenn
33 “Let It ___” (Everly Brothers hit)
34 Hatcher of “Desperate Housewives”
35 Male hetero view of lesbianism, often
38 “Look ___, I’m Sandra Dee”
41 Like family
42 Ways to get off
46 Part of a Stein line
47 Very, to Verlaine
48 “___ the Ides of March”
49 One you may see in a shower
51 Jennifer Lien’s “Star Trek: Voyager” role
52 YMCA activity
53 Male hetero view of gay people someday, hopefully
57 Part used in forking around
58 Be active in B&D
59 “Glen or Glenda: ___ Two Lives ”
60 Gay activist, e.g.
61 Tickle pink
62 Since, to J. M. Barrie
63 “Leave that alone!” to Brendon Lemon
64 Submit (to)
65 You don’t want them in your pants

1 Portia, to Ellen
2 Behind, financially
3 Protection at Waikiki
4 Strip under the futon
5 Sexually dominated
6 Pronoun for Ulrichs
7 Cause of the Tin Man’s rust
8 Sch. in the city of the Liberace Museum
9 “Of Human Bondage” author Maugham
10 Actions for Lambda Legal
11 Bening of “Being Julia”
12 Fierstein’s musician, on Broadway
13 They could come from Uranus
21 “So long!”
22 Golden Girl McClanahan
26 Cole Porter, for one
28 How quickly one comes
29 ” ___ v. Harris” (New Jersey marriage case)
30 Male mating call?
33 AIDS ride transportation, for short
34 Warm to persistent come-ons
36 Emulated Lily Tomlin’s “Celluloid Closet” job
37 Family coat of arms
38 Prepare to shoot off
39 Author whose poems inspired “Cats”
40 Tab Hunter was this kind of idol
43 Noted Andy Warhol subject
44 Rule out
45 Pulls out
47 Foot fetish digit
48 It may vibrate when someone wants you to come
50 Navratilova beater in the 1982 U.S. Open
51 1971 Jane Fonda movie
54 “Aida” backdrop
55 Unresponsive, with “to”
56 Performance artist Kron
57 It takes balls to make them in the NFL

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