Q Puzzle Clues

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Even Cowboys Get the Blues

1 Cicero’s singular
5 Cheeky
9 Screened at a gay film festival, e.g.
14 “If ___ I Would Leave You”
15 “La Traviata” solo
16 Queer souvenir
17 “Brokeback Mountain” character
19 Ledger of “Brokeback Mountain”
20 “Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof”
21 Fairy tale start
22 “March of the Women” composer Ethel
23 “___ De-Lovely”
24 “Morally straight” org.
25 Ambiguously Gay ___
26 Poem of Sappho
28 Untouchable target
30 Start of Renee Vivien’s voyage?
31 Screws up
32 Gay activist Perry
35 Executive bondage tools
36 With 57-Across, line of 17-Across
39 At once, to queens of old
40 Snake
41 To be “lesbienne”
42 Muscle Mary’s pride
43 Synthetic fabric
47 Second pitches for Copland
48 Witty, like David Sedaris
49 Kung ___ chicken (spicy dish with nuts)
51 You might say it when you get it
52 Provide new equipment for
54 Like a stereotypical wrist
55 Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer-winning play
56 Character of 19-Across
57 See 36-Across
59 Handle on a machine that cuts leaves of grass
60 Debtor’s slips
61 Top priority of a top
62 Dinner commemorating coming out of Egypt
63 Foe of Peter Pan
64 Sea eagle

1 Send another membership check to HRC
2 Ahead, in da Vinci’s land
3 Change the actors in “Spamalot”
4 Where to find a bear pair
5 They stand in front of queens
6 Lucci’s Kane in “All My Children”
7 Sophie B. Hawkins’ “The Cream Will ___”
8 Decoration for skin
9 Dumb-ass
10 Nephew of Disney’s Donald Duck
11 Handel’s “Messiah,” e.g.
12 Pulled out
13 Type of drama in the land of Samurai
18 Reid pseudonym
22 Swanson’s Blvd.
25 Journalist Minkowitz
27 Un-PC suffix with steward
29 You can wrap it around your package
30 Vehicles for some dykes
31 It puts people out
33 Go against successfully
34 “Curbside” cartoonist Robert
36 Molina, in “Kiss of the Spider Woman”
37 Went down
38 Goldberg of “The Color Purple”
39 Part of an airline name, in Wilde’s land
44 Evan Wolfson, for one
45 Natalie Barney, by birth
46 “Love is a force of ___” (“Brokeback Mountain” tag line)
48 More likely to use your head
49 Prick
50 Tickle a funny bone
53 Indian lesbian film of 1996
54 “Fruit of the ___”
56 Matt Foreman, Joe Solmonese, et al.
57 Seventh notes to Debussy
58 Threesome for Michelangelo

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