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Q Puzzle Clues

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Adopt Instead

1 State, to Renee Vivien
5 Orgasm, e.g.
10 “Show Boat” rank
14 Like sex for one
15 Sample some buns, e.g.
16 Trojan Horse, e.g.
17 With 31-Across, result of too much 47-Across
19 Theocritus creation
20 The No. 1 to Christopher Street
21 “Rent” unit (abbr.)
22 Flick them
23 Celeste of “All About Eve”
25 Gay-friendly Detroit org.
27 Dickinson’s howe’er
28 Cockeyed
31 See 17-Across
34 Where Boy Scouts sleep together
35 Liquid in your head (abbr.)
36 Sondheim’s ” ___ the Woods”
37 Famed Bruin’s nickname
38 Drop ___ (flirt, perhaps)
40 It comes before date?
43 Soon, to Shakespeare
45 Law for Lorca
46 Rock Hudson role, usually
47 It can result in birth
50 Drag queen ___ Lettuce
51 Paul Newman role in “Exodus”
52 Castro to Mission District dir.
53 Those, to Gomer
55 Skipper’s staff
57 Senatorial seat holders, e.g.
59 Exams on sexual technique?
62 Lucci’s Erica in “All My Children”
63 With 31-Across, orgasm?
66 Cigar butt
67 Get up
68 Stats from “A League of Their Own”
69 Sound like Harvey Fierstein
70 Nathan and family
71 Comic-juggler Felder

1 Gaydar, for example
2 Screwdriver, e.g.
3 Food for one with a master
4 Get to second base, with a guy?
5 Stonewall
6 Robertson, who accused lesbians of witchcraft
7 Bangkok continent
8 Plug
9 Homophobia, e.g.
10 Bed with bars
11 Tried to play with Michael Stipe?
12 1960 movie of Anthony Perkins
13 Charles ___ Reilly
18 Country north of Thailand
24 Sexy clothing material
26 Came out on top
28 Went down on
29 Arenas’ month
30 Where to find rectal thermometers?
32 Dossier about Uranus?
33 Partners that are tired of each other?
35 Like First or Second Peter
39 New York gay magazine
41 Abe Lincoln’s boy
42 Child-care writer LeShan
44 Stuff from your shaft
47 Computer user that does circumcisions?
48 Periodical boners
49 Frida Kahlo’s woman
50 Greek queen of heaven
54 Targets for Patty Sheehan
56 Make an emotional discharge
58 Word with top, for Mauresmo
60 Old coin of Michelangelo’s country
61 Emulate an eagle or a falcon
64 Milk, so to speak
65 Top-secret org.

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