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Q Puzzle Clues

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Menagerie a Trois

1 Cleis ___
6 Answer of 39-Across to “Which one?”
10 Like sex with a dam
14 One of the strings, to Britten
15 Uncommon, to Caligula
16 Treated as a sexual object
17 Mixed-up fruits
18 Ellen and Alexandra
19 Swiss town with a bear mascot
20 Opposite of a Tennessee Williams play?
23 Third notes, in “The Sound of Music”
24 It gets laid in some streets
25 Waterway for heteros?
29 With 44-Across, opposite of a Tennessee Williams play?
34 Where to find many a Rufus Wainwright song, with “the”
35 Start of a count, to Kopay
36 Whisper sweet nothings
37 “Another card” in S/M-speak?
38 With 50-Across, opposite of a Tennessee Williams play?
39 Threesomes
41 Moraga’s month
42 Ullmann of “Persona”
43 What you would say for Mapplethorpe?
44 See 29-Across
47 “Desert ___ ”
48 Capt. von Trapp’s home
49 Graphic prefix
50 See 38-Across
58 Publisher of same-sex couples’ legal guide
59 Shirley MacLaine’s la Douce role
60 Shrek and others
62 R. Nureyev’s land, once
63 Like Felix of “The Odd Couple”
64 Media watchdog org.
65 Where a cobbler puts the tongue
66 Muscle Marys’ hangouts
67 “We’re here! We’re queer!” and more

1 Access to
2 Enjoy E. Lynn Harris
3 Crooner Fitzgerald
4 Put in stitches, like Margaret Cho
5 Anal type?
6 Eddie Izzard and Virginia Woolf
7 Scout’s promise to be “morally straight”
8 Family diagram
9 Emulate Paul Lynde on “Hollywood Squares”
10 Los Altos, to San Francisco
11 Cruising
12 Seedless plant
13 Harvey’s “Hairspray” role
21 Seizures for Caesar
22 Needle-nosed fish
25 Bonehead
26 Cary Grant’s “To Catch a ___ ”
27 Hoffman in “Midnight Cowboy”
28 Pride bracelet’s place
29 Close one, for a drag queen
30 Like the LPGA’s Rosie Jones
31 More frigid
32 What a chicken hawk may raid
33 AZT amounts, e.g.
38 Cylinder put in the mouth, for short
39 Field for Jane Spahr
40 Stephen of “The Crying Game”
42 Avoiding premature ejaculation
43 Nick Malgieriy, for one
45 Capital of the Punjab province
46 Ambiguously Gay ___ (“Saturday Night Live” superheroes)
49 Responders to “Bite me!”?
50 Bottoms’ description of tops?
51 Enjoy some ladyfingers, e.g.
52 Errol Flynn’s “The Sun ___ Rises”
53 Parker of “South Park”
54 Mosque head
55 Look up Lady Chablis’ dress, e.g.
56 Kind of contract or contact
57 “Get ___ ” (1998)
61 Radical ’60s org.

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