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Q Puzzle: Land’s End

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March 19, 2007

1 One with flaming pants?
5 Former coin of Colette’s land
10 Old head
14 Rock Hudson’s “A Farewell to ___ ”
15 Artoo ___ of “Star Wars”
16 Alan of “The Object of My Affection”
17 Transvestite’s ill fate?
20 1300 hrs., to Col. Cammermeyer
21 Nuts
22 Mail order abbr.
23 Kind of scene
24 Tatum O’Neal’s “The ___ News Bears”
27 Locale for Brando’s “Apocalypse Now”
28 “Is ___?” (Last Supper question)
29 Writer Castillo
30 Larry Kramer, to Yale
32 Collaborator with Elton
34 Pansies’ output
36 Boy George’s “Whether They Like ___ Not”
37 Mild expletive from a first mate?
41 Bible bk. at Beth Simchat Torah
42 Scrubs hard
43 10-to-1, and others
46 60 minutes with Frida
47 U.S. terr. that’s now two states
50 Bowie collaborator
51 Radley of “To Kill a Mockingbird”
53 T, to a “Homer-phile”
54 Summer for Rimbaud
55 Premature ejaculation meas.
56 Kinsey org.
58 Dayan of the land of the cut
60 Flower for Tennessee Williams?
64 Vermont, to Renee Vivien
65 Gay porn star Lawrence
66 La Douce role of Shirley MacLaine
67 King’s groups of games
68 Eat leaves of grass
69 James Baldwin’s “The Evidence of Things Not ___ ”

1 Drag queen Van Zant
2 Patch style
3 One that can reproduce nonheterosexually
4 Say whether or not you’re coming
5 Eleanor’s beard?
6 Columbus circuit-party color
7 Not much
8 “To boldly go where ___ has gone before…”
9 Chat with Rosie on “The View”
10 Beauty that’s only skin deep
11 Have intercourse with?
12 Process for many gay parents
13 More like Shilts?
18 Board, as for an Atlantis Cruise
19 “Look ___, I’m Sandra Dee”
25 Loads
26 “The Count of Monte Cristo” author
31 Gay Pride Day event
33 Park of Queens
34 Beginning of “A Raisin in the Sun”
35 You might stick it where it doesn’t belong
37 “Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit” writer Winterson
38 Peter the Great, for one
39 Gary Glickman novel
40 Condition after getting cold-cocked
41 Becomes de-nuded?
44 Award for Cherry Jones
45 “Notes on Camp” author Susan
47 Have the hots for
48 Vidal essay collection
49 “My Lucky Star” author Joe
52 Charlize Theron’s “Monster” award
57 Willow’s female lover
59 Elevator pioneer Elisha
61 Cause of Venus envy?
62 Peri’s “Frasier” role
63 Uptown’s direction in NYC

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