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Q Puzzle: “Mixed-up Couple”

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January 29, 2007

1 Cockeyed
6 Use your lips unfaithfully
10 Killed, to King James
14 Second and third words in fairy tales
15 Larry Kramer’s alma mater
16 Give a hang
17 Scrub hard
18 Diana of “The Avengers”
19 Greek vases
20 Poet who wrote about “the love that dare not speak its name”
23 Senatorial seat holders, e.g.
24 Stereotypical gay speech attribute
25 Shoot in the jungle?
29 Lane of “The Birdcage”
33 Author of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”
37 “The Name of the Rose” writer
38 Homosexuality and more, in Leviticus
39 Bloom of “The Producers”
40 You can use it to go down
42 Aunt in “Bambi”
43 Self-description by and anagram of 33-Across
45 One who’s behind
48 Taoism founder
49 Kinsey’s org.
51 Part of a pink lady
52 Liked the package, and anagram of 20-Across
58 Porgy and bass
59 Early role for “A Beautiful Mind” director
60 Wet spot on a blanket of sand
62 Actor with B.D. Wong on “Law & Order: SVU”
63 New York Liberty game officials
64 David’s “Frasier” role
65 They may be queen-size
66 They wave their sticks at Shea
67 Fairy story figure

1 Capt. von Trapp’s home
2 Adoption agcy.
3 The Gang’s mouthpiece?
4 “I’ve had it!” to Gomer
5 Hector and many other Trojans
6 David Crosby’s ’60s band, with “The”
7 Pleasured in bed
8 Computer lang.
9 Dance in a Cole Porter title
10 Emulate Emma Stebbins
11 Byron poem
12 Sea eagles
13 Craven of “Cursed”
21 Plenty, to Shakespeare
22 Youth-led school org.
25 Portended
26 How two hearts may beat
27 Mystery writer Claire
28 Club for swingers
30 Jane Rule’s “Desert of the ___ ”
31 Materials for Paul Cadmus etchings
32 Lief’s tongue
34 Not in the pink
35 Comic actor DeLaria
36 “Coming Out Under Fire”, for short
40 Bittersweet performance
41 When repeated, campy
43 Pay cut schedule
44 “East of Eden” director Kazan
46 Ballet wear
47 Gay-friendly, to UCC churches
50 Tonto’s erection
51 Sharon of “Queer as Folk”
52 ___ queen (gay gambler)?
53 Treated as a sexual object
54 Pick up
55 Prince’s purple precipitation
56 Northern capital
57 Day, to Caligula
58 “This is my first time,” often
61 U-turn from NNW

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