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Q puzzle: The Oscars

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Q Puzzle

1 Give the once-over
5 Bouncer for Amelie Mauresmo
9 Peter the Great, and more
14 Kipling’s Rikki-tikki-___
15 “East of Eden” director Kazan
16 Beginning to come?
17 Cut
18 PAC of seniors
19 Annoy during a blow job?
20 Job title for Oscar de la Hoya
23 Use them to go down
24 Sign of a Broadway hit
25 Ho’s instrument
28 Ejaculate
31 Defeated George Frenn
33 Poet Kitty
37 Job title for Oscar Wilde
39 Genre for Marvin Gaye
41 Home st. of Harper Lee
42 Ancient erection
43 Job title for “The Office”‘s Oscar Martinez
46 CK One emanation
47 Like a virgin
48 Biathlete’s slats
50 You need it to get to
51 Part of a chorus line?
53 Kidman who won an Oscar for 9-Down
58 Job title for _The Odd Couple_’s Oscar Madison
61 A dentist may stick it in your mouth
64 Room for 26-Down
65 Andrew Van de Camp, for one
66 Open-mouthed fivesome
67 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” guy
68 Screws up
69 Kind of light for Joel Schumacher
70 Campbell of “The Company”
71 Castro, in S.F.


1 Cooks, as fruit
2 Non-asker/non-teller in training
3 City of Lorca’s homeland
4 Untouchable target
5 Endures like a hairy guy?
6 What ENDA ought to be
7 Old money, to Pasolini
8 One of Caesar’s stones
9 2002 film in which Virginia Woolf is a character
10 A gentleman might pull it out for his date
11 Michelangelo’s output
12 “Breakfast on Pluto” actor Stephen
13 Pose for Diana Davies
21 Work unit
22 What fruits do in orchards
25 Asked on bended knee, perhaps
26 Artist Frida
27 Penetrate
29 Strip under the futon
30 Football’s Papa Bear
32 Mambo king Puente
33 Chef Des Jardins
34 Cocteau contemporary Maurice
35 Remove the top from
36 Exchange at Provincetown Town Hall
38 American, to Auden
40 Sex toy that comes from behind?
44 Peter on the piano
45 The Woodsman of Oz and such
49 Title for Derek Jacobi
52 Flaming queen’s crime?
54 Referred to
55 “SNL”‘s Cheri
56 Looks at a hottie in a bar
57 Adolf’s intimate Rohm
58 Fruit flavor for gin
59 Crack the whip at, e.g.
60 Navratilova, for one
61 U.S. terr. that’s now two states
62 Concern of Rev. Spahr
63 Threesome on a sundial

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