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Q Puzzle: U Complete Me

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November 13, 2006

1 Greek philosophical type
6 Like a Badgley Mischka ensemble
10 Horse that isn’t hung
14 Trunk of Charles Atlas photos
15 “We’re here! We’re queer!” e.g.
16 Where to find hot buns
17 Coarse salt in the tub
18 Tendency to get pissed
19 Bigwigs, to Britten
20 Rimbaud’s atheistic statement?
23 Georgia O’Keeffe’s pair
26 Article of Rainer Maria Rilke
27 Tease
28 “God Bless the Child” singer Holiday
30 One way to cook fruit
32 “The Golden Girls” actress courting in drag?
34 Dreadlocks feature
38 Tricky Dick nemesis Sam
39 Astroglide alternative
40 Clerk’s minimum at Barneys
41 Colors hair
42 Gay seeker of perfume?
44 “The Horse Fair” painter Bonheur
45 Response of privates
46 Come out
50 Suffix with ox
51 E. Lynn Harris’ ” ___ Way the Wind Blows”
52 Ragged Star Canyon keepsake? 56 “Starting Over” bisexual
57 Minimal tide
58 Thin soup
62 “Leave ___ Beaver”
63 Maupin story of the city
64 Where two bones touch
65 Bean and Burke waved theirs around
66 “Tell me ___ haven’t heard!”
67 James Baldwin work

1 Mary, in Montmartre (abbr.)
2 Lover that you can’t get over
3 Areas for Dr. Liz Cruz
4 “Time ___ My Side”
5 Ant, e.g.
6 Type of space for online sex
7 Will beneficiary
8 Trials and tribulations
9 Vacuum and others that suck
10 Paper in gay Paree, with “le”
11 Skirt, as an issue
12 Causeless Dean character
13 Come next
21 Shoot off to the side
22 Archery bow wood
23 Dwindled
24 Passionate
25 Master’s partner
29 Thornton Wilder’s “The Bridge of San ___ Rey”
30 “Come Back, Little ___ ”
31 Skirt for Nureyev’s partner
33 Christmas poem opener
34 “Bear necessity” and others
35 Loads of
36 Had dinner at home
37 Fool around
40 Drag spelling contest?
42 City of “Xtra”
43 London park name
44 “A drop of golden sun”
46 Improvise, like Ellen DeGeneres
47 Mother-and-son piece
48 Poet Minnie Bruce
49 Gay cultural values, e.g.
50 Philip Johnson contemporary
53 “Lawrence of Arabia” director David
54 Chip’s partner
55 and
59 Delivery people, briefly
60 Vidal’s “Visit ___ Small Planet”
61 Rte. 69, e.g.

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