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Q Puzzle: Way Out

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Q Puzzle

1 Went down, on the beach
6 Dorothy Gale’s home
10 Word on Warhol’s can
14 Tim of “Rocky Horror” fame
15 “A Streetcar Named Desire” director Kazan
16 Bear that may be a minor
17 Burke of baseball
18 Not worth oral treatment
19 Sighted at a gay bar
20 Bold plays with songs?
23 Wilbur’s male partner
24 No to Rimbaud
25 Member of the mimosa family
29 Ann Bannon or Edgar Box
33 Cheer for critic Edmund?
36 Went lickety-split
37 Easily screwed
38 Aladdin’s monkey
39 Mortimer, with a wooden head
41 Club where you can dance with a sailor
42 Gertrude’s upright?
44 Cock head?
47 Rubber
48 Queer ___ three-dollar bill
49 Angelina’s tomb-raiding role
51 Confection named for Harvey?
57 “Apartment ___ ”
58 Daniels formerly of “The L Word”
59 Pink, for one
61 Sherman Hemsley religious sitcom
62 Rex Reed et al. do this to movies
63 Start of a Sappho title, perhaps
64 Ares of “Xena” and others
65 Where to catch a ferry underground
66 Sondheim’s staff members


1 Heart chart, for short
2 Stick it in your socket
3 Title for Uncle Remus’ bear
4 Laszlo of skincare products
5 Stuff for a blow job?
6 Amelie Mauresmo’s woman
7 How to moan in bed
8 Michael Nava’s lawyer Henry
9 Tab Hunter was this kind of idol
10 “Valley of the Dolls” author
11 Cartoon Network’s “Moral ___ ”
12 Treats as a sexual object
13 He blew on pipes
21 Emulate Alison Bechdel
22 Leopold or Loeb
25 Caligula’s lamb
26 Market bear’s fear
27 Open-mouthed fivesome
28 Cleveland cager, for short
29 Spitting sound, in comics
30 Carpet layer’s calculations
31 1914 battle site of Cocteau’s country
32 Biblical witch’s home
34 Type of crime
35 “How may ___ of service?”
39 A graffiti artist may shoot it off
40 Vardalos of “Connie & Carla”
42 They make heads roll
43 Sal Mineo played one in “Rebel Without a Cause”
45 Chicken hawk’s weapons
46 Fab Five syllable for many a straight guy
49 Bishop Gene Robinson isn’t in this group
50 Wing for Julia Morgan
51 Note to Jared Polis’ staff
52 Put out
53 Tail for Pluto?
54 Chastity in gay activism
55 Loads
56 Straddled a stallion
57 Go the other way
60 Lawyer’s thing

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