After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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Q Scopes for men

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By Jill Dearman

Splurge, Aquarius!

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): The moon in your sign on Feb. 23 and 24 brings you some great opportunities to impress people who have been impervious to your charm. A Libra is especially enamored with you this week. Renew relationships. Don’t hold a grudge.

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): This is a great week for you to dig in your (high) heels – as only you can – and dedicate your time and energy to a project that will surely pay off in the long run. You have the ability to make money doing something you love, so start now. A Cancer would love to do you – for free!

GEMINI (May 21 to June 21): The moon in your sign on Feb. 27 brings you a burst of emotional clarity. The Sun and Uranus are squaring you, though, so you may have to be extra-diplomatic with rigid, hard-to-please types. An Aquarius is not as tough as he looks. (Hm…perhaps that’s a strike against him.)

CANCER (June 22 to July 22): Could you put your self-loathing aside for one week, dear Cancer? Saturn retrograde makes a lovely aspect to the Sun, which means that you should try to see the beauty in life’s inconvenient but miraculous accidents. A Gemini does not understand you at all – but still loves you! Miracle or not?

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Mercury, the talker, finishes up a stint in your house of love this week. If you have something to say – especially to another Leo – now is the time to say it. And if you really don’t feel like talking about love, then write a poem or send a card. A little wit and romance take you very far.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): The planets are oppressing you right now, Virgo, so don’t try to take on more than you can handle. You simply may not have the energy. Better to conserve your strength and wait until spring before doing any serious moving or shaking. A Pisces wants to ease your aching bod.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Take care of your body, darling. This is a tender time for you, so don’t feel bad about indulging your whims. A trip to the spa may do the trick to lift your mood. A Scorpio wants to be more than a trick. Are you in the mood?

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21): The moon in your house of love from Feb. 24 to 26 could bring you just the kind of attention you need from just the kind of paramour you tend to be ambivalent about. Don’t commit, but don’t hold back either. A Virgo has been scoping you out for a long time.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21): Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more hard-to-read characters, a surprisingly enigmatic Aries enters your life. Perhaps the lesson is to be subtler, dear boy. Let them guess what you’re thinking.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Do something to make your home a little more welcoming, you antisocial curmudgeon. Venus’ transit through your home sector should give you some “Queer Eye” inspiration. A Sagittarius is all too ready to share a toothbrush with you.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Opportunities to schmooze with new business associates abound, so take advantage, dear Aquarius. You can make money and do something altruistic this week. A Taurus is drawn to the do-gooder in you.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20): Venus in your money sector suggests that you can make more dough if you put more time and energy into presentation, darling. A Capricorn values style over substance. Don’t worry – he knows how deep you can go.

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