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Help repair America’s elections system

Several bills have been introduced recently in Congress to repair the embarrassing flaws in America’s elections system. Move On PAC wants you to help give these bills momentum by signing their Repair the Vote petition. Move On will deliver the comments to your Senators and Representative.
A massive grassroots push could move legislation through Congress in time for the 2006 election. According to Move On, “There’s no time to lose: In the coming months, states are poised to buy a billion dollars worth of unreliable electronic voting machines without paper trails.”
“Last November, a paperless e-voting machine lost more than 4,000 votes in North Carolina, leaving a tight statewide race up in the air for months. Another mistakenly added nearly 4,000 votes to Bush’s total in Ohio.”
The solution for these glitches? Move On says, “E-voting machines should be equipped to print an ATM-like receipt for every voter. Voters can see their choices are recorded accurately on paper, and if there’s any question about the outcome, a recount can rely on these voter-verified paper ballots. Only then can we know an election was run fairly.”
Legislation recently introduced by senators Clinton (D-NY), Boxer (D-CA), Kerry (D-MA), and Lautenberg (D-NJ) would require paper receipts, provide remedies for long lines, stop election officials from acting in a patisan manner, and make election day a national holiday. Senators John Ensign (R-NV) and Harry Reid (D-NV) have introduced bipartisan legislation focused on voter-verified paper ballots. In the House, Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) has introduced a bill to require paper ballots and auditing of electronic machines to make sure they’re counting properly. All these bills would ensure handicap accessible voting and all would vastly improve our election system.
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