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Operation Truth lets troops speak for themselves

Supporting the troops doesn’t require blind allegiance to the Bush Administration or support for the war in Iraq. In fact, judging from the poor planning and lack of proper equipment for soldiers the Bush Administration is hardly a model of troop support.
Unfortunately, the mainstream media is still largely uninterested in the truth about the war, opting instead for rose-colored glasses reporting.
Sorely missing are the voices of the actual soldiers serving in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. An effort to fill that void is Operation Truth (, which describes itself as “a non profit, non-partisan veterans’ organization that seeks to amplify the soldiers’ voice in the American public dialogue.” It currently represents over 300 OEF/OIF veterans, and has over 26,000 supporters.
Operation Truth includes combat videos, photos, and actual stories – including journal entries, letters, interviews – from troops themselves.
Whether one agrees with the war or not, the fact remains that American troops are fighting and dying every day while the majority of the country continues to enjoy lattes and drive SUVs and go to basketball games. It is important not to forget the men and women whose lives are on the line every day. Visit and get to know some of them and fight for them at home.

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