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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman

Take a step toward a ‘worldwide consumer cooperative’

Are you tired of wondering if the money you spend on tennis shoes is going to a company that pays fair wages and offers decent working conditions? Would you like to see an economy that is based on the good of workers and consumers, not just large shareholders? Have you gotten sick of outrageous CEO salaries, obnoxious marketing campaigns, and large corporate control of our collective culture?
Or – are you simply bored with the Nike “swoosh”?
If your answer to any (or all) of the above is “yes,” you may want to consider purchasing a pair of Blackspot Sneakers. Blackspot Sneakers is a project of Adbusters Media Foundation. According to the “behind the sneaker” page on the Blackspot sneaker website, “Our mission is to establish a worldwide consumer cooperative and to reassert consumer sovereignty over capitalism.” Blackspot sneakers are made from organic hemp, are toxic-chemical free, and the sole and toe cap are 70 percent biodegradable. The shoes are manufactured in a locally-owned shop in Portugal which the Blackspot people have personally checked out to ensure that workers are paid and treated fairly.
Not only that, but with Blackspot sneakers you can be sure that most of your money is going toward the actual cost of producing your footwear, not into some CEO’s pocket. On the “behind the sneaker” site, Blackspot breaks down the cost to price ratio – out of each pair, which costs $57.50, a grand total of $7.25 in profit will go to other social campaigns.
Perhaps best yet, everyone who buys a pair automatically becomes a shareholder in the company and has the chance to have input on design, marketing and other corporate decisions. And now, the Blackspot Anticorporation is discussing plans for a version two hightop, so this may well be the time to buy in and make your fashion-conscious voice heard.
For more information on the Blackspot Anticorporation, the history and marketing campaign behind the Blackspot Sneaker, or to purchase your own pair of shoes created by and for activists, visit http://www.adbusters.org.
Call your favorite shoe retailer and encourage them to carry Blackspot sneakers today.

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