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Take Positive Action for Responsible Television

The Media Project’s Take PART invites you to applaud “8 Simple Rules” and “The Bernie Mac Show” for their honest and accurate depictions of adolescent sexual health on TV.
With the religious and conservative right bombarding the FCC with demands that they tighten decency standards and cease including positive depictions of homosexuality and sexual health, it’s time the FCC heard from the progressive community.
The “8 Simple Rules” episode “The After Party” showed the power of straight youth to offer compassion and raise awareness of gay and lesbian youth. “The Bernie Mac Show’s” “Manchild in Vanessaland” showed the power of an adult’s talking about dating, personal responsibility, and values with a teen he cares about.
To send a letter in support of “8 Simple Rules” to ABC and the FCC and to send a letter in support of “The Bernie Mac Show” to Fox and the FCC, visit
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