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Dear BTL,
As part of our preparation for this year’s campaign season, I’d like to recommend a book, “Stranger at the Gate” to be Gay and Christian in America” by Mel White.
White eventually founded Soulforce, an organization dedicated to non-violently confronting the untruths about gays that are spread by the Righteous Right. But that actually happened after this autobiography ends.
It took White almost 3 decades to deal with being gay and a lifelong member of a conservative denomination. His story is proof that gays cannot change their orientation. Along the way, he worked as a ghostwriter for many of the leaders of the Righteous Right in the years before they began to focus their aim at gays.
White can now explain the misuse of Scripture that the Right uses to condemn gays. The book’s epilogue presents what the Right is really after — and it ain’t pretty. White was afraid that a candidate under the control of the Right would be elected in 1996. Such a person was elected in 2000, and we are dealing with it this year.
I found the book in an area bookstore. It is also available through, which also has online articles that discuss the naturalness of homosexuality from the biblical, medical, psychological, and scientific points of view.
Paul Kinney

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