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Real Estate Entrepreneur Releases E-Book for LGBTQ Home Buyers

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Jeff Hammerberg is the founding CEO of, a service connecting clients with compatible agents, and is releasing his new e-book “Real Estate Tips for the LGBTQ Home Buyer: Your Guide to Purchasing the Home of Your Dreams” for free download.
The book was written to assist LGBTQ home buyers so that they can avoid intimidation and be prepared for the many factors to consider throughout the process of purchasing a property. Buying a home will be one of the biggest financial decisions many people will make so it’s important to be prepared. The book helps LGBTQ home buyers successfully navigate the real estate maze by identifying, and educating on, the critical elements of the home buying process, with particular focus on the issues facing LGBTQ community members.
The book covers important topics like understanding budgets, existing assets, credits and debts, choosing the ideal location, realizing ownership options for LGBTQ couples, choosing the right agents and lenders, mastering the preapproval process, choosing the right mortgage, making an effective offer, approaching the appraisal and home inspection process skillfully and more.
The team is committed to ensuring that their clients are connected with agents who will represent their best interests and treat them with respect. The real estate service links clients with trustworthy LGBTQ-friendly agents who have been interviewed and investigated extensively and maintain equal respect and dedication for all clients. is dedicated to eliminating the stress and uncertainty of searching for professionals who will respect each client’s dignity. With more than 25 years of experience as the industry leader, is proud to support the LGBTQ community and strives to ensure that every real estate transaction is conducted with integrity, void of discrimination and intolerance.
To download “Tips for the LGBTQ Home Buyer: Your Guide to Purchasing the Home of Your Dreams,” visit and look for the “Download our eBook” button.

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