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A newly formed Recall Janice Daniels group believes the citizens of Troy must take back their city from a “dangerous, polarizing ideologue.”
According to the group’s website (, “In light of widespread clamor for a recall of Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, a few concerned citizens got together and decided to mount the effort.” Daniels has been the focus of citizens, both in Troy and nationwide, since students first noticed a Facebook post by the mayor that was anti-gay
Last month, a poll by Main Street Strategies commissioned by the website Michigan Liberal showed 72 percent of Troy voters would support recalling Mayor Daniels.
The grass-roots group filed its committee paperwork last week with the Oakland County Clerk’s Office. Their goal as a political action committee is to raise funds for a planned recall effort against Mayor Daniels.
Though a recall petition cannot be filed until May, the biggest challenge in this effort will be the collection of signatures to put the recall question on the ballot. “We will need dozens of volunteers to help canvass neighborhoods. If you would like to help in this effort, please drop us an email to,” reads a post on the group’s website.
Mayor Daniels has been the center of controversy since December when local high school students found an anti-gay statement on her Facebook page, posted in June prior to being elected into office in November. Later, she told the Troy High School Gay-Straight Alliance that the homosexual lifestyle is “dangerous” and wrote a lengthy position paper personally attacking city employees and council members.
She further upset citizens of Troy after voting against the Troy Transit Center.
It’s for these reasons, among others, that the group has decided to move forward with its plans to recall Mayor Daniels. On its website, the group stated: “We’re in the process of setting the recall up and composing recall language.”
Mayor Daniels told the Troy Patch last week that she is not concerned about the recall effort. “I don’t mind it. It’s an unnecessary distraction to the city, but I’m not worried about it.”
According to the Oakland County Clerk’s Office, the group has six months from when the language is approved to collect and file 7,985 valid signatures. Within those six months, signatures are only valid for 90 days. Recall signatures cannot be filed until Mayor Daniels has served at least six months, which means a recall election could be held as early as August.

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