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Dear BTL,

I want to most sincerely thank our valuable Between The Lines for the very insightful and uplifting front page story of Lynn Cothren in your May 13th issue. The fact that he is warmly loved and regarded by the irreplaceable Mrs. Coretta Scott King, is a beautiful position. She is very majestically an American hero to her country and the world. Being the wife of our revered and dearly beloved Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., she could only deign to follow in his hallowed footsteps. What she endured to see her husband pursue his dream for all Americans and peoples of the world, aligns her to what loyalty is when one stands tall with their mates in life. She epitomizes a perfect example of what marriage vows truly mean. Mr. Cothren is to be genuinely commended and honored for his many years of dedication in serving the King family, the community and the nation. He, too, is what our nation needs in setting an example for others to emulate. He, too, is what makes humanity move forward through all of its travels. He deserves the profoundest of applause. I can only bow in deepest gratitude for Mrs. King’s continued dedication to advancing mankind in many needy and important ways as she earnestly carries on her husband’s mission. I salute all three highly. The photo accompanying the story was a warm , happy and loving portrait of devotedly fine human beings who help make life a whole lot better and whom I feel will help make it even more so as time goes along. My innermost blessings to them with a tender smile, a kiss and a gentle wave of the hand as they, and we, go through life.

Andrew Anthos, Detroit

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