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1 Homeland of the Singing Nun (abbr.)
5 Cockeyed
10 Madonna’s “___ Don’t Preach”
14 A strong one found in the gym
15 Lauren Wright Douglas’ ” ___ Life”
16 Apple that isn’t a fruit
17 Super’s apartment, maybe
18 Look at someone using hate speech
19 A pound of Rupert Everett
20 Aretha song featured in the movie “Goodfellas”
23 Crawled out of bed
24 Laughter at a Margaret Cho routine
28 Avis adjective
30 Hereditary chain
32 “Orange Is the ___ Black”
33 “Title” for Aretha Franklin
37 Bird from down under
38 Annapolis sch.
39 Judged “Dancing with the Stars,” e.g.
40 “It’s showtime!”
41 NASDAQ rival
42 Aretha song from the “Young, Gifted and Black” album
44 Hyundai rival
45 Pub offering
46 Places for sweaty embraces, perhaps
47 Leaves quietly, with “out”
49 Saloon seat
52 Aretha song that won a Grammy Hall of Fame Award
58 Albee’s “Three ___ Women”
61 Stallion’s sound
62 Stonewall memory
63 “Baby Doll” director Kazan
64 Rita Mae Brown output
65 Cinder suffix in a fairy tale
66 “It ___ Necessarily So”
67 Place atop
68 One of Cary’s exes

1 Tube opening?
2 Barry Humphries’ Dame
3 Leopold’s partner
4 The South, in “Gone with the Wind”?
5 Like the Jets, in “West Side Story”
6 Missile housing
7 Thief of the tarts of the Queen of Hearts
8 To be, in Brest
9 Milk component
10 Prick
11 “The Simpsons” storekeeper
12 Polynesian paste
13 Word on a dipstick
21 Caspian Sea land
22 Lesbian character in “She’s Gotta Have It”
25 No zip
26 Fruit in a slot machine
27 Tried to hit a pitch
28 Election fixer for the Homophobe-in-Chief
29 Trojan hero
30 Active partner
31 Michelangelo’s David, e.g.
33 San Francisco event of 1906
34 By word of mouth
35 “Mommie Dearest” star Dunaway
36 Risk with careless sex
40 Got on one’s knees and begged
42 Sprint at the Gay Games
43 Dating from
48 Dazzling success
49 Some stick it where it doesn’t belong
50 Trunk of Charles Atlas photos
51 “I have ___ walked down the street before…”
53 Venom sources
54 With respect to
55 Ready to be rubbed the right way
56 “Damn Yankees” girl
57 Trey does his voice on “South Park”
58 Drink with jam and bread
59 Hillary’s Wellesley classmate MacGraw
60 Memorial designer Maya




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