Roland Stringfellow Senior Pastor at MCC Detroit

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Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow, among other titles, serves as the senior pastor and teacher at the LGBTQ-affirming Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit. When asked about the church’s priorities in 2019, Stringfellow said its focus will be community outreach.
“We want to help really connect more with the community. We feel like our congregation is one of the best-kept secrets out there. We want to break that because we are inclusive of all individuals,” he said. “We’re even trying to break the gay church label, meaning that we’re going to be more of an inclusive [space]. Meaning that if you’re allied-identified or transgender-identified, no matter your race or ethnicity, we want to create a place that’s comfortable and where people can really connect with God’s spirit.”
When asked about his thoughts on the impact of the many pro-LGBTQ candidates elected during the midterms in 2018, Stringfellow said that his hope is that their work will reach his congregants.
“I believe it will help us as a community in terms of safety and access and we are hoping and trusting that Elliott-Larsen will be addressed,” he said. “But beyond that, there are real issues that impact my parishioners such as health care and adoption bans and things of that nature that have a direct impact on the livelihood of those who I am honored to serve. So, I am hoping that more types of legislation that is pro-LGBT would go forth.”

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