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Serra gets State Bar post

By |2008-09-18T09:00:00-04:00September 18th, 2008|News|

Attorney Rudy Serra, a former Detroit Judge, was appointed Friday to The State Bar of Michigan’s Standard Criminal Jury Instructions Committee.
“This is a very important appointment,” Serra said. “The Standard Criminal Jury Instructions define what is a crime in Michigan. Judges are required to read the instructions to the jury panel in every criminal case where there is a jury trial. This committee has tremendous indirect influence over the lives of ordinary people. They define what is evidence, who has to prove what and even what acts constitute a crime.”
The members of the Standard Criminal Jury Instructions Committee serve as unpaid volunteers. Serra was appointed to a 3-year-term that expires in 2011. He already serves as Chairman of the Executive Clemency Advisory Council for the State of Michigan, where he reviews cases on people who were sentenced to life in prison and now have terminal medical conditions or are asking for a pardon from the Governor.

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