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“These are the nominal Christians whose Bibles are so long on judgment yet so short on compassion, the soldiers of the new American theocracy who want to force creation ‘science’ on the schools and deportation on the Muslims. They are the super patriots who regard criticism as treason, the pious moralizers who believe single mothers should be barred from teaching in public schools. They are blind guides who see tens of thousands dying in Iraq and think the defining issue of the election is what gay men do in bed. They give God a bad name.”
– Leonard Pitts Jr. on the difference between traditional conservatives and social conservatives, in the Detroit Free Press Nov. 5, 2004.
“In the universe of gay Republicans are Jews for Jesus and Retarded Death Row Inmates for Bush. They don’t reflect the larger group, and they’re not aware of what’s in their best interest.”
– The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart as quoted in the Nov. 9, 2004 issue of The Advocate.
“Some of the chattering class will say the Democrats’ only hope is to become sort of a GOP lite, and start bashing gay marriage. Know what I think? Democrats will do just fine in the long run if they stick to what they are best at being: the party of the common man.”
“There was a fear of people thinking I was using [‘faggot’] in a derogatory way, but I thought of it as empowering. Hell, nobody ever called me ‘redneck’ in school.”
– Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong on a lyric in their song “American Idiot” from their album of the same name as quoted in Nov. 23, 2004 issue of The Advocate.
“If Rove’s recent spittle-filled announcement that Shrub will again seek a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage is any indication, Bush might very well go the other direction entirely, making history the cold-blooded, autocratic way: through policies so hollow and self-righteous and smirking, history can’t help but be impressed. After all, neofascism makes great textbook fodder.”
Columnist Mark Morford on the theory that Bush’s second term will be more moderate, on SF Nov. 10, 2004.
“It’s enough to challenge one’s faith not just in Americans, but in the essential goodness of human beings. Can we apply to join another species? The wolves, perhaps?
– Starhawk on the results of the 2004 election, posted to Nov. 4, 2004.

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