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“The whole idea of heterosexual versus homosexual, I just don’t get that. We’re just sexual. And I hope that we’re working toward that as a society.”
– Designer Tom Ford as quoted in the Dec. 2004 issue of Out Magazine.
“That was the best argument same-sex marriage advocates had: ‘Where were you when no-fault divorce went through?’ Any thoughtful defender of marriage has to say, ‘You’re right. We were asleep at the switch in the 60s and 70s.'”
– Allan Carlson, a conservative scholar who runs a family-studies center in Rockford, Illinois, as quoted by the Associated Press Nov. 21, 2004.
“If those initiatives are part of a broader effort to reaffirm lifetime fidelity in marriage, they’re worthwhile. If they’re isolated – if we don’t address cohabitation and casual divorce and deliberate childlessness – then I think they’re futile and will be brushed aside.”
– Bryce Christensen, a Southern Utah University professor, on his worry that the campaign to enact bans on marriage for gays will distract from more immediate threats, as quoted by the Associated Press Nov. 21, 2004.
“What’s with all the rules? Who says one thing is normal and one thing is not normal? I think it’s crazy. Why is the normal thing to be with the opposite sex?”
– Heidi Klum on the fuss over marriage equality, as quoted by the Nov. 2004 issue of Out Magazine.
“If civil union status is granted, there will be no turning back. The liberals and the homosexual-lesbian coalition will have won and the people’s vote in favor of traditional marriage will have been effectively nullified.”
– Oregon Rep. Dennis Richardson in an e-mail to other House Republicans urging them to resist civil unions legislation, as quoted by the Associated Press Nov. 21, 2004.
“Family, based on marriage, is a natural, irreplaceable institution and fundamental element of the common good of every society. Whoever destroys this fundamental fabric of human coexistence, by not respecting its identity and by distorting its tasks, delivers a deep wound to society and often provokes irreparable damage.”
– Pope John Paul II as quoted by the Associated Press Nov. 20, 2004.

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