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“Is it just me, or is there some new fear of homosexuality in America? In recent months, people talk as if being gay can ‘rub off.’ That gays wanting to marry would rub off on – and rub away – traditional marriage. That gay football players could undo a team. That teenage boys pulling on a dress – even in jest – could fall under a gay spell. … What we need to lose in this country is the fear that learning about people different than us will corrupt us. Talking to a Muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist sympathizer. Listening to a Republican doesn’t make you a liberal traitor. And sitting across from a homosexual doesn’t make you ‘poisoned.'”
– Mitch Albom in his Nov. 21 Detroit Free Press column.
“The Democratic Party does indeed have a gay problem – just not the one that the Republican Party and some prominent Democrats seem to think it has. The party hasn’t done too much for gay Americans; it’s done far too little.”
– Deb Price in her Detroit News column, Nov. 15, 2004.
“We need more Democratic politicians unafraid to link arms with progressive religious leaders and speak the truth: ‘It’s immoral the way our nation treats gay couples trying to protect their relationships, gay parents trying to protect their kids, gay soldiers sacrificing for our country.'”
– Deb Price in her Detroit News column, Nov. 15, 2004.
“There’s clearly a divide about what constitutes a healthy marriage. But there are countless gay and lesbian couples who, if they had legal recognition, would hold up their relations as models of good marriage.”
– Corri Planck of the Family Pride Coalition, which represents gay and lesbian families, as quoted by the Associated Press Nov. 21, 2004.
“My coming out as a person was completely nurtured by gay friends. They helped shape my sensibility, and they have remained a center of my life. Their intelligence, humor, and wit have always buoyed me. And besides, it’s hard for straight guys to be friends when you’re not sleeping with them.”
– Susan Sarandon as quoted in the Dec. 2004 issue of Out Magazine. Sarandon was named Out’s Straight Ally of the Decade.

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