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“Her parents were forced to make a choice between engaging fully or not at all – and they chose to engage. And it transformed them, their life and our family. My children now have grandparents – and loving, full, 100-percent-in-their-life, annoyingly-visit-too-much grandparents.”
– Rosie O’Donnell on her partner Kelli’s born-again Christian parents who had a difficult time accepting their daughter’s sexual orientation, as quoted in the Winter 2005 issue of HRC’s Equality magazine.
“How can you argue that being tolerant of other people is bad? … Isn’t tolerance what allows a society like ours, with so many different ethnic and religious groups coming out of so many different national or regional traditions, to function smoothly without erupting into violence? Wouldn’t creating a nation of intolerant people be, uh, dangerous?”
– The Plaid Adder in her Feb. 2, 2005 Democratic Underground column on the right-wing attack on tolerance
“It’s ironic that we spend so much energy dealing with six or seven verses in the Bible while we ignore the overwhelming number of passages that speak about economic injustice, greed, and lack of compassion for the poor. If we were really taking scripture seriously, we would turn our attention to this clear biblical mandate, as opposed to a few selected texts that may not even speak as clearly about homosexuality as we have historically thought.”
– Rev. John Thomas, United Church of Christ president, as quoted in the Feb. 1, 2005 issue of The Advocate.
“It is always intriguing to me that so many people have a very narrow definition of morality and then often try to peg their definition, in the case of Christianity, to the Scriptures. And no one can read the New Testament of our Bible without recognizing that Jesus had a lot more to say about how we treat the poor than most of the issues that were talked about in this election.”
– Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-New York) as quoted in the New York Times, Feb. 1, 2005.

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