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“The ultimate biblical teaching on human relations is to ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ Where is the love in the hateful speech that Alan Keyes focused on Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Cheney, when he described her as a ‘selfish hedonist’? Where are the family values in his decision to put his own daughter out because of her sexuality?”
– Dr. Julianne Malveaux writing in USA Today, Feb. 17, 2005.
“I can’t enjoy this news about Maya Keyes as much as most gays and lesbians. As a parent, you see, I feel Alan Keyes’s pain – and Randall Terry’s too. I can empathize with their desire not to see their children grow up to be one of us because I live in mortal fear of my child growing up to be one of them.”
– Dan Savage writing in the New York Times, Feb. 17, 2005.
“He actually had two jobs. One obviously was sleazy and shameful and the other was a gay male prostitute. I think I know what Bush meant now when he said he had a ‘mandate.'”
– Bill Maher during the Feb. 18, 2005 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, on White House correspondent Jeff Gannon from the right-wing Talon News (owned by GOPUSA) who received a press pass using an alias.
“A party that abandons its commitment to queers is likely to do the same to other vulnerable constituencies. Our loyalty must go to those who fight to free us.”
– Richard Goldstein, writing about the Democratic Party’s commitment to LGBT rights in the Feb. 15, 2005 issue of The Advocate.
“It seems everything always comes back to ‘sodomy’ – not families, not love, not the real people in nearly every county in this country paying taxes and going to work and fighting over whose turn it is to drive carpool.”
– Lara Schwartz, senior council for the Human Rights Campaign, writing in the 2005 issue of HRC’s Equality magazine.
“I am absolutely ready.”
– Conservative gay Boston radio host David Brudnoy to radio listeners the day before he died Dec. 9, 2004 at age 64 of cancer, as reported by The Advocate, Feb. 1. Brudnoy also publicly battled AIDS.

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