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“We are still in a world where brutal, undeclared war is considered noble and the human female nipple is considered traumatizing to children, and the pope, mustering one of his last wheezing, homophobic breaths, declares gay marriage to be part of the ‘ideology of evil,’ and millions believe him, especially the BushCo Right, especially those evangelicals who, for some sad reason, now hold the reins.”
– SF Gate Columnist Mark Morford, March 4, 2005.

“I know a lot of gay actors in Hollywood who don’t want to come out, and whatever the reasons are, I respect that. But I think that if people love you now, and if you came out, they would love you more, and if they didn’t, then they weren’t real people to begin with.”
– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as quoted in the March 2005 issue of Out magazine.

“In a lot of cases what you have is a legal commitment to nondiscrimination, but a quiet continuation of previous cultural norms. But here you have not only a reversal of policy and a formal commitment to nondiscrimination, but a proactive embracing of the idea that integration is good for the military and diversity is useful for recruiting from the fullest possible pool.”
– Aaron Belkin, director of the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military at the University of California, Santa Barbara on the British Navy’s active recruitment of gays and lesbians, as quoted in the New York Times Feb. 22, 2005.

“If we decide, ‘Oh, you should really have [your sexuality] nailed down by your 30s,’ doesn’t that seem arbitrary? … Can’t you have searched your whole life and never have figured it out?”
– Actor Peter Sarsgaard as quoted in the March 1 issue of The Advocate.
“Anyone you’ve known as Joe who reappears as Jane is certainly prepared, if not anxious, to talk about, uh, new developments. Let kindness and acceptance be your guides.”}
– Margo Howard answering a question about how to handle a friend’s sex-change operation in her Feb. 24, 2005 Dear Prudence advice column.

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