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“[Lou] Sheldon [of the Traditional Values Coalition], who’s white, dominated the press conference with his anti-gay agenda and showed no support for the other causes the black pastors deemed important in the plight of African-Americans, such as better access to health care and education. … This alliance brings new meaning to the phrase ‘sleeping with the enemy.'”
– Jasmyne Cannick of the National Black Justice Coalition, writing in the March 15 issue of The Advocate about a recent Los Angeles press conference held by a group of black pastors and the Traditional Values Coalition on moral values.

“For all the hard-working activists, brilliant lawyers, dedicated lobbyists, and savvy political operatives, the LGBT community does not have a charismatic national figure to give voice to our hopes and dreams and to negotiate with the American people on our behalf. At times like this, we pay a price for that deficit.”
– Girlfriends magazine contributing editor Ann Rostow, writing in the February/March issue.

“Most straight guys are a disaster. Nine out of 10 gay guys can teach straight guys a thing or two.”
– Actor and self-professed “metrosexual” Joseph Lawrence, as quoted in the March 2005 issue of Out magazine.

“[Love Makes a Family President Anne] Stanback and her allies were right to insist that gay couples should have the same right to marry and create families as other Americans and to urge the Connecticut Legislature to call their unions marriages. But the existing measure goes far toward giving gay couples the rights and protections of marriage, and gay rights advocates also were correct when they decided not to make the perfect the enemy of the good this year in Hartford.”
– From a March 7 editorial in the New York Times on the advancing civil unions bill in Connecticut. Love Makes a Family initially opposed the civil unions legislation but changed their position earlier this month.

“Very few spaces in our society remain divided by sex. There’s marriage and there’s toilets, and very little else.”
– Mary Anne Case, a law professor at the University of Chicago, as quoted in The New York Times March 4, 2005.

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