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“You’ve got 435 congressman, 100 senators, one Commander in Chief. You get a van. You roam the country solving people’s problems. It’ll be just like ‘Queer Eye,’ only they’ll hate gay people.”
– Correspondent Stephen Colbert during the March 23, 2005 episode of “The Daily Show” on how the U.S. government can continue to get involved in the private lives of individual Americans, after they passed precedent-setting emergency legislation specific only to Terry Schiavo.

“Now that they’ve belatedly started to recruit Arabic speakers – after the military forced out more than 300 linguists considered important to the war in terror in the past decade because they happened to be gay – our intelligence agencies are not sure whether they’re signing up the good guys or the bad guys. We can’t get into Al Qaeda’s inner councils, but has Al Qaeda gotten inside ours?”
– Maureen Dowd in her New York Times column, March 10, 2005.

“Under current law, [same-sex] partners are at a real economic disadvantage because they are considered to be legal strangers Ñ they’re no more connected than if you left a bequest to your neighbor down the street. To me that underscores very real economic discrimination.”
– Connecticut Senator Andrew McDonald, a Democrat, on the economic inequities faced by gays and lesbians as quoted by the Associated Press, March 13, 2005. Connecticut is currently considering a bill to legalize civil unions.

“They already have the same opportunity to get married, just probably not to the person they want to be with. Everybody can’t have everything.”
– Connecticut Rep. Roger B. Michele, a Democrat, on marriage for same-sex couples as quoted in a Feb. 12, 2005 Bristol Press news story.

I hope to see more women being liberated or stand for what they believe in and hope to see a universe free of discrimination, torture and violence.”
– Fannyann Eddy in an interview with South African gay portal Behind the Mask as quoted in the Feb. 2005 issue of Curve. Fannyann, who formed the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association two years ago, was murdered in September,2004.

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