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“Angie (Angelina Jolie) and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.”
– Actor Brad Pitt to Esquire magazine in the October issue.

“A little announcement (that you’re gay) and you’re everywhere. … I’m totally happy, I’m a completely different person, I think. It just sucks with all the lies you have to tell. … It’s been crazy because everyone’s paying attention to what I’m doing now. … Everyone’s been very supportive.”
– Former ‘N Sync singer Lance Bass to Warner Brothers Studios’, Aug. 29.

“(M)y video for ‘Beautiful’ … had a visual of two gay men kissing, which I thought was important because ‘Beautiful’ was about going against the grain and just being proud of who you are. The feedback was incredible. That’s when I knew that they (gays) got who I am.”
– Singer Christina Aguilera in an interview published in the Delaware gay magazine EXP, Aug. 18.

“I’ve never dreamt that I would kiss James Bond, it’s not something I have ever aspired to. Now I’ve done it, I can say that I hope I am the first of many. … It was slightly abrasive, but ultimately rewarding. And neither of us are gay.”
– British actor Toby Jones on kissing the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, in the new movie Infamous, as quoted by Reuters and other media, Aug. 31.

“I saw him (Tom Cruise) doing the couch jumping. I wasn’t mad at him. I was mad at Oprah. Oprah, couldn’t you have said, ‘Tommy, come here! Don’t jump’. … For me, to love someone is not to get rid of them when they do something you don’t think is appropriate. I love him, and love is eternal. (But) it never went to sexual. My Angelina Jolie crush was much more sexual than my Tom Cruise crush ever was.”
– Rosie O’Donnell to Newsweek, Sept. 11. O’Donnell added that if Cruise had lost it on her show, she’d have sat him down and retaped the segment.

“I’m just a performer who plays people some music. I hope that my music helps people to forget about their problems for a few hours. But I’m also a gay man and I’ve heard that gay people face violence in Poland. Leave us alone. We don’t want to harm anybody. We just want to love and be loved.”
– Elton John during a performance at Poland’s Sopot Festival on Sept. 2, as relayed by members of Poland’s Campaign Against Homophobia organization.

“Instead of waging efforts to change hearts and minds, gay movement leaders have tried to bludgeon opponents and pursued a strategy where a very small minority would impose its will on a vast majority through judicial fiat. While activists relied on the courts for victory, supporters of traditional marriage took the debate to the ballot box and won every single time. A failed strategy appears to have put gay marriage out of reach for a long time to come.”
– Jeff Gannon, the man at the center of that White House press corps/gay-prostitution brouhaha, in his regular column in the gay newspaper Washington Blade, Sept. 1.

“The whole red carpet thing is your worst nightmare. It’s like every time in junior high where you wondered whether anyone would notice you while the really popular kids are getting all the attention. A publicist was introducing me, but then Kate Burton, who was nominated for her excellent work on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ showed up, and they literally shoved me out of the way to talk to her. It’s horrendous. If I ever win again, I’m gonna do like Brando and send in an Indian woman to make an announcement: ‘Mr. Jordan will not accept until we legalize gay marriage!'”
– Leslie Jordan, who won an Emmy for playing Beverly Leslie on “Will & Grace,” to the gay newspaper Dallas Voice, Aug. 25.

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