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{ITAL “[S]ome gay teenagers, having seen one extremely flattering press photo
of me (I wish I looked like the picture on my Wikipedia page), send
offers, along with pictures or links to MySpace pages. And what do I do
with these e-mails? I delete them. … I have to admit to having been
tempted — some of these guys are hot and, like [former U.S. Rep. Mark]
Foley’s pages, above the age of consent. But it would be professional
and personal suicide for me to respond to these e-mails. Imagine the
shitstorm if a parent found flirtatious e-mails from the middle-aged,
openly gay author of America’s sleaziest sex-advice column on their
kid’s computer. And I’m just paranoid enough to suspect that some of
these e-mails – particularly the ones from very young boys who attach
photos that look a little pornified – are setups. Ruining Rick
Santorum’s good name hasn’t exactly endeared me to the knuckle draggers
on the far right.”}
– Syndicated columnist Dan Savage in his Oct. 10 column. (To understand
the Santorum reference, see Savage’s

{ITAL “That this [the Mark Foley scandal] happened to the GOP is too, too
much. … It was the GOP that cozied up to churches and preachers who
likened homosexuals to the vilest people of all time and called on them
to cease their wicked ways, go from homosexual to heterosexual, which
everyone knows they can do but will not because, apparently, it is
easier to be gay and reviled than it is to be straight and comfy about
– Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, Oct. 17.

{ITAL “If anything good has come out of the [Mark] Foley scandal, it is surely this: The revelation that the political party fond of demonizing
homosexuals each election year is as well-stocked with trusted and
accomplished gay leaders as virtually every other power center in
America. … The split between the Republicans’ outward homophobia and
inner gayness isn’t just hypocrisy; it’s pathology. Take the bizarre
case of Karl Rove. Every one of his Bush campaigns has been marked by a
dirty dealing of the gay card, dating back to the lesbian whispers that
pursued Ann Richards when Mr. Bush ousted her as Texas governor in 1994.
Yet we now learn from ‘The Architect,’ the recent book by the Texas
journalists James Moore and Wayne Slater, that Mr. Rove’s own (and
beloved) adoptive father, Louis Rove, was openly gay in the years before
his death in 2004. This will be a future case study for psychiatric
clinicians as well as historians.”}
– New York Times columnist Frank Rich, Oct. 15.

{ITAL “I used to think that gay visibility was all that was necessary. It
turns out that is not true. Many people know us and even love us, but
still vote for homophobic politicians and for referendums limiting the
legal rights of gays to marry. We must all begin explaining to our
heterosexual friends the various ways in which the law treats gays
unequally and deprives us of rights they take for granted. These things
are familiar to us, but many heterosexuals have never thought about it
because they have no reason to, and won’t do so until we bring it to
their attention.”}
– Syndicated gay-press columnist Paul Varnell in a September filing.

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