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“Those of us who reject traditional gender roles get to face an excessive amount of bad marketing in our daily lives. We threw a wrench into marketing strategy when we took on nontraditional motivations, unpredictable desires and unusual ways of expressing our identities. Fortunately for the marketers, we’re a relatively small chunk of the population that can be easily ignored. Unfortunately for us, we live in a world that inundates us with advertising, even when it’s not meant for our eyes. At its best, it’s a distraction. At its worst, an offensive invasion. We need a strategy. A basic easy-to-remember system for bushwacking our paths through the full-page spreads of life. I propose we…laugh. I’m serious. When life hands you a sexist billboard, make a joyful noise. I’m not talking about the passive-aggressive-evil-glare kind of angry cackle. I mean a real, sincere, giggle.”

– Sarah Dopp, editor of genderfork.com, a blog that explores androgyny and gender variance and blogger at http://www.sarahdopp.com/blog/ , in a guest post about gender and money, http://queercents.com , Jan. 30.

“No expert believes that homosexuality is a defect. Scientists discredited that idea decades ago.”

– Dr. Nathaniel Frank, author of “Unfriendly Fire: How the Gay Ban Undermines the Military and Weakens America,” at The American Psychoanalytic Association winter meeting in early January, palmcenter.org, Jan. 29. The APsaA approved a position statement calling for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding homosexuals and bisexuals serving in the military.

“We are so afraid of being judged harshly simply because of who we are, we try to be perfect. And there is no such thing as a perfect parent. The pressure, though, is there. Some of it is self-imposed but some of it comes from the community at large asking questions – do you have appropriate role models for your child? If you are two women, you must have a man in your life to help teach children manly things. If you are two men, well, how can any child possibly live without a mother? Questions not often asked of heterosexual couples. Or single heterosexual parents, although I think single dads deal with similar issues. Please try to let the world’s judgment stop at your doorstep.”

– Sara Whitman, blogger, commenting on a workshop about LGBT parenting while attending NGLTF’s Creating Change conference in Denver, http://bilerico.com , Jan. 30.

“If there ever needs to be sunshine on a political issue, it is with a ballot measure.”

– U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr., in his decision denying a request to keep the names of donors to California’s anti-gay marriage initiative secret, MercuryNews.com, Jan 29. Judge England ruled that the public has a right to know who’s giving money to state ballot measures.

“Every day we hear from transgender immigrants who face incredibly complicated legal issues. From obtaining corrected identity documents, to fighting for marriage recognition, to seeking asylum to escape persecution, transgender immigrants need well-trained legal counsel.”

– Victoria Neilson, Legal Director of Immigration Equality, commenting on the recently released law practice manual for attorneys representing transgender clients titled “Immigration Law and the Transgender Client,” co-authored by Immigration Equality and the Transgender Law Center, http://echelonmagazine.com, Jan. 27.

“You don’t even eat steak, dude. At what point in time did you realize you were gay?” and “Who the fuck cares (what he eats)? It’s his fault for being a vegetarian homo.”

– Quotes from Robert Catalanello, in a law suit against his company for firing employee, Ryan Pacifico, for being a vegetarian, New York Post, Jan. 29. Pacifico is suing the company for unspecified “compensatory, emotional, physical and punitive damages.”

“Saddlebacking: sad*dle*back*ing [fr. Saddleback Church] (2009): the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities. Example: After attending the Purity Ball, Heather and Bill saddlebacked all night because she’s saving herself for marriage.”

– Dan Savage, announcing his new definition of “Saddleback” in his column “Savage Love,” in tribute to Rick Warren’s role as pastor of Saddleback Church and President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to give the invocation at the inauguration, http://thestranger.com , Jan. 27.

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