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“We’re talking real gay marriage, not your namby-pamby ‘let’s call it a civil union and hope Jesus doesn’t notice.’ Just to reiterate: America is now less progressive than South Africa.”
– Jon Stewart on the ruling of a South African court in favor of marriage for same-sex couples, “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” Dec. 13, 2005.

“I’m a man’s man. I’m not feminine at all. Other people might slander me for who I am, but I made a decision a long time ago that I’m not going through life hating myself because I love men.”
– Jade Beus, an openly gay former cowboy residing in Wyoming, as quoted by The New York Times, Dec. 18, 2005.

“Without a single polemical speech, this laconic film dramatizes homosexuality as an inherent and immutable identity, rather than some aberrant and elective ‘agenda’ concocted by conspiratorial ‘elites’ in Chelsea, the Castro and South Beach, as anti-gay proselytizers would have it. Ennis and Jack long for a life together, not for what gay baiters pejoratively label a ‘lifestyle.'”
– Frank Rich on “Brokeback Mountain” in his Dec. 18, 2005 New York Times column.

“I identify more as a tomboy. That’s the first thing that someone teased me about when I realized that there was something ‘off’ about me, even at the age of seven, wearing my brother’s clothes. I didn’t realize I was a girl until I went through puberty. I’d always moved in the world like a boy.”
– Musician and actress Daniela Sea, as quoted in the January 2006 issue of Girlfriends magazine.

“When I see someone who won’t see a physician because they’re Jewish, or who can’t sit in a restaurant because there are Asians, or feels threatened by homosexuals in the workplace, the party line in mental health says, ‘This is not our problem.’ If it’s not our problem, whose problem is it?”
– California psychologist Edward Dunbar, who believes pathological bias should be an official psychiatric diagnosis, as quoted by the Washington Post, Dec. 10, 2005.

“We both have an affinity for women and Guinness.”
– Candace Gingrich on what she has in common with her brother and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, as quoted by U.S. News and World Report, Dec. 12, 2005.

“I’m so excited to be in New York. I’m ready to start the whole process of finding a husband.”
– Rufus Wainwright, who will be spending the holidays in New York performing and writing a new album, as quoted in the Dec. 1, 2005 issue of Rolling Stone.

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