After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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SHe Said Feb. 23, 2005

By |2006-02-23T09:00:00-05:00February 23rd, 2006|News|

“This is not an issue about gays. This is about children.”
– Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted, a Republican who was in favor of that state’s anti-gay marriage ban, on the proposal to ban adoption for gays and lesbians in his state – which he opposes, as quoted by USA Today, Feb. 21, 2006. Husted was adopted as a child.

“All the sex in the play is immoral. It’s same-sex, it’s autoerotic and extramarital. So it’s not like it’s a work of art that has the voice of the Catholic woman and her experience in sexuality.”
– Rev. Brian Shanley, president of Providence College, a Catholic school where the Vagina Monologues has been banned, as quoted by The Associated Press, Feb. 11, 2006.

“I personally don’t think that it is fair … for Britney Spears, who was married for 51 hours to some guy in Las Vegas [for] that guy [to have] more rights than someone who’s been committed to another person for 25 years.”
– Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who supports civil unions for gay couples, as quoted by the Des Moines Register, Feb. 15, 2006.

“Debates about economic policies involve splittable differences, so civility might actually be served by the seriousness of Michigan’s crisis. The focus on traditional economic issues may preclude any preoccupation with the cultural questions — abortion, guns, gay marriage, etc. — that tend to embitter politics.”
– George Will, The Daily Press, Feb. 8, 2006.

“If they come out on to the streets anyway they should be flogged. Any normal person would do that – Muslims and Orthodox Christians alike … [The protests] might be even more intense than protests abroad against those controversial cartoons.”
– Chief Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin on what he believes the reaction to LGBTs participating in Russia’s first Pride parade should be, as quoted by The Independent Online, Feb. 17, 2006.

“I was there for her. I buried one of my dearest friends. I was not going to get caught up in the minutia of where [the funeral] was held. This was a home-going service she would have been proud of. She was always controversial, so it’s not surprising her funeral was controversial.”
– Lynn Cothren, a gay man who worked as Coretta Scott King’s personal assistant for 23 years, on attending King’s funeral at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, where leaders have been outspoken against gay rights, as quoted by The Washington Blade, Feb. 17, 2006.

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