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“There are so many things that go into being a good parent. And sexual orientation is not one of them.”
– CARE President Beverly Davidson as quoted by The Lansing State Journal, Feb. 8, 2006.

“If it takes another two years, it’s worth the wait.”
– John Stemberger of on the group’s failed effort to get an anti-gay marriage amendment on the 2006 ballot despite backing from Republicans, as quoted by the Orlando Sentinel, Feb. 3, 2006.

“It is, in fact, remarkably similar to what heteros want. And women. And black people. And immigrants. And dwarves. That is, to be able to fall in love and maybe even get married (or at least have the option) and have decreasing amounts of sex and raise a family and hold down a good job and pay their taxes and argue with their lovers over who the hell spent 200 bucks on long distance to their mother, all while not having to worry about getting the living crap beaten out of them with tire chains by Arkansas and Alabama and most of Texas, or secretly loathed by small-minded pseudo-Christians who wouldn’t know Jesus’ true message if it bit them on the other cheek.”
– columnist Mark Morford on “the homosexual agenda,” Jan. 27, 2006.

“I approve. Hell, I’d like to see that on TV every hour.”
– Glenn Miller of the White Freedom Party, a white supremacist groups based in Springfield, Mo., about Jacob Robida’s anti-gay rampage in a Massachusetts gay bar, as quoted by The Boston Hearld, Feb. 6, 2006.

“It’s almost sacrilegious.”
– American Family Association President Donald Wildmon on a cameo by Britney Spears as a Christian conservative on “Will & Grace,” as quoted by Advertising Age, Feb. 3, 2006.

“Congressman Boehner, who famously handed out tobacco-lobbyist money on the floor of the House of Representatives, continues to be entangled with the most extreme anti-gay lobby interests in Washington.”
– National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director Eric Stern on the new GOP Majority Leader John Boehner, as quoted by The Washington Blade, Feb. 2, 2006.

“Naturally, the governor knows perfectly well that this Legislature would enact compulsory training in atheism, give out condoms at commencement and make abortion a sacrament before it would do that.”
– Jack Lessenberry, in his Feb. 1, 2006 Metro Times column, on Gov. Granholm’s challenge to the Legislature during her State of the State address to provide some basic health insurance for all uninsured Michiganders.

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