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SHe Said July 14, 2005

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“What a weekend we had here. This was the kind of weekend that makes you love New York – in one place in New York City, the Billy Graham crusade, not even a mile away the gay pride parade. Only in New York City. By the way, the Billy Graham crusade, the gay pride parade, guess which one of those groups was trying to convert people to their agenda and lifestyle? The crusade or the parade? I believe it was the crusade.”
– Jon Stewart on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, June 27, 2005.

“So, the Texas Legislature decided it’s OK for gay couples to be foster parents, but only if they’re not married. I would explain what message that sends, if only I understood it.”
– Molly Ivins in an opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee, June 2, 2005.

“You know what I think it is? It’s that part of yourself that no one recognizes that lives inside you. It’s that quiet part of you that you know is powerful….And’s she’s got the bracelets. She’s got the bracelets and she’s got the spin!”
– Lynda Carter on why so many lesbian and gay youth identified with Wonder Woman while growing up, as quoted in the July 2005 issue of Out.

“She was torn between her traditional views – always writing of ‘homosexuals,’ not saying ‘gay Americans’ as some colleagues did – and her identification with the underdog. She never forgot that because she was female, law firms had slammed doors in her face, even though she was a top graduate of Stanford Law School. O’Connor’s vote in any gay case … hinged on whether she viewed the gay litigant as an activist trying to advance a cause or as a victim of mistreatment.”
– Deb Price in her July 11, 2005 Detroit News column on the legacy of recently retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

“Absolutely. I just don’t think we can close our eyes to human nature and that’s been the problem and so we certainly need to educate people … we have got to do everything we can, any kind of education as far as I am concerned is fine. Although I do believe abstinence in this context is the best policy.”
– Evangelical leader Pat Robertson in response to a question by George Stephanopoulos about whether he was “open to supporting programs that include promotion of responsible use of condoms” to combat AIDS in Africa on Nightline, June 24, 2005.

“Spain defied endless years of a Roman Catholic choke hold and infuriated religious conservatives and basically did the equivalent of opening a giant Starbucks in Temple Square in Salt Lake City or maybe a huge bikini warehouse in downtown Riyadh. Which is to say, they flipped a well-timed bird to the ruling dogma and voted for joy and bliss and love.”
– SF Gate columnist Mark Morford on Spain’s legalization of marriage equality in his July 1, 2005 column on

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