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“Well, I’ve often thought the Bible should have a disclaimer in the front saying this is fiction. I mean, walking on water, it takes an act of faith. And I have faith in this movie. Not that it’s true, not that it’s factual, but that it’s a jolly good story. And I think audiences are clever enough and bright enough to separate out fact and fiction, and discuss the thing after they’ve seen it.”
– Sir Ian McKellen on Christian opposition to the film “The Da Vinci Code,” as quoted by Christianity Today, May 22, 2006.

“I’ll say it again, breeders: The American Taliban is not just opposed to straight premarital sex, with their abstinence education and hilariously ineffective virginity pledges, or gay sex, with their ‘ex-gay’ campaigns and their anti-gay-marriage amendments. The American Taliban doesn’t think married heterosexual couples should be able to use birth control…. And don’t comfort yourself with the notion that these are just some anti-sex religious wackos: The Bush administration not only listens to these wackos, it appoints them to important positions all over the federal government Ñ and let’s not even think about the members of the American Taliban that Bush has already appointed to lifetime positions in the federal judiciary.”
– Dan Savage in his May 17, 2006 Savage Love column, as published in The Metro Times.

“The mind-set that invites a couple to use contraception is an antichild mind-set. So when a baby is conceived accidentally, the couple already have this negative attitude toward the child. Therefore seeking an abortion is a natural outcome. We oppose all forms of contraception.”
– Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, as quoted in The New York Times Magazine, May 7, 2006.

“Well, he’s on his knees, but I don’t think he’s praying.”
– Lewis Black on Howard Dean telling Pat Robertson on the 700 Club that the Democratic Party has “an enormous amount in common” with evangelical Christians, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, May 18 2006.

“Organizations like the AFA and leaders like Jerry Falwell have waged a campaign of spiritual violence on our community. Why is so much energy being wasted taking aim at gay families? Because fear is a powerful motivator and, if you can convince the public that someone is out to harm them or their children or their job or family, then they can be convinced to set aside good sense and follow those who say they will protect them from the trumped-up fear image that has been created.”
– Triangle Foundation Board Chairman Jackie Anderson in a May 14 editorial in the Midland Daily News.

“We are all young men who, from the moment of birth, have always known that we were sexually attracted to those of our own gender. To a man, we have had to endure the long and difficult process of admitting this truth to others and ourselves. The reason why the road was so tough for many of us was well-meaning but horribly misguided folks who taught our parents and society in general that homosexuality is ‘immoral’ — a ‘sickness’ and a ‘sin.’Ó
– From a letter sent to Pat Robertson by Andrew Brewer, a gay man who, along with four of his gay friends, met and posed for a picture with Robertson at brunch in Virginia. Posted on the Advocate’s Web site, May 15, 2006.

“People respond to passion and substance. And if you show what’s in your heart, people will respond to that. People want something new and something fresh. But you need to show up with something positive and substantive. You need to be real, because voters are smarter than we give them credit for being.”
– Openly gay candidate for New York’s Attorney General Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat, as quoted by The New York Times, May 10, 2006.

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