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“I don’t want to be part of some club that doesn’t include everybody.”
– Comedian Sarah Silverman on why she doesn’t want to get married as quoted in the Nov. 17, 2005 issue of Rolling Stone.

“I want to try to dispose of this issue. It’s occupied the last three years of my life; a lot of time, a lot of energy and I’d like to apply that to healthcare. I’d like to apply that to some of the other issues that we have in front of us, that as far as I’m concerned, are much more important to our constituents at this point.”
– Massachusetts Rep. Eugene L. O’Flaherty (D), a former supporter of an anti-gay marriage ban for the state, as quoted by Bay Windows, Nov. 10, 2005.

“My contention is, that is not the way to use the constitution…. We have a law on the books. It’s not challenged. It’s a very contentious issue. It will burn up a lot of legislative time that could be used more constructively.”
– Sen. Chuck Coiner (R-Twin Falls) on a proposal to amend Idaho’s constitution to ban marriage for same-sex couples, as quoted by the Associated Press, Nov. 6, 2005.

“I would suggest to them that they consider an amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution that would ban divorce, ban infidelity, ban children out of wedlock. Those would be better means at protecting marriage and protecting families in this state than attacking tax-paying gay and lesbian families.”
– Patrick Guerriero, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, on public figures who have committed adultery or are divorced who claim gays are a threat to marriage, as quoted in the Nov. 10, 2005 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“One distinct theme emerges from an examination of 15 cases decided by Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. involving abortion: his thinking is shaped by a traditional concept of marriage…. People on both sides of the gay marriage debate will be reading many of Judge Alito’s abortion opinions with intense interest.”
– Adam Liptak, New York Times, Nov. 2, 2005.

“I don’t believe they would have ever allowed an openly queer director to make this movie, nor do I believe that actors of this caliber would have signed on. In a long line of ironic outcomes, it took these guys with impeccable heterosexual credentials to make this kind of breakthrough.”
– Author and critic B. Ruby Rich on the film “Brokeback Mountain,” as quoted by Variety, Oct. 26, 2005.

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