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“From the start, America was summoned to be a shining city on a hill. But each generation must keep building that city. Even in this new century, some Americans are still denied a voice at the ballot box because of their color, denied a promotion because of their gender, denied a job because of their age, denied hope because they are gay, or denied an appropriate education because they are disabled. Long-established rights to privacy are under heavy siege.”
– Sen. Edward M. Kennedy during his opening statement at the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts on Sept. 12, 2005.

“Astonishingly, the fact that same-sex couples are now equal to heterosexual couples has not changed the number of heterosexual couples; in these countries – who’ve ignored ‘civilization,’ according to President Bush – most men are still attracted to women, and most women are still attracted to men. Women are still getting pregnant, and men are still happy to impregnate them.”
– Isaiah Z. Sterrett on the state of the human race in countries where marriage between same-sex couples is legal on, Sept. 16, 2005.

“Gays should take heart. Once you’ve achieved parity in serial murder, full equality in marriage cannot be far behind.”
– From Jan Stuart’s Sept. 16, 2005 review in Newsday of the gay slasher flick “HellBent.”

“The secular progressive movement would like to have marriage abolished, in my opinion. They don’t want it, because it is not diverse enough. You know, that’s what this gay marriage thing is all about. But now, you know, the poly-amorphous marriage, whatever they call it, you can marry 18 people, you can marry a duck … if you’re in love with the duck, who is the society to tell you you can’t do that?”
– Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on his Sept. 14, 2005 radio show.

“I’m so not a guy. I am sports-retarded, and I don’t know anything about cars. But my wife laughs because I can pick out a Kate Spade Bag no problem. I have much more girlie hobbies.”
– Rob Thomas as quoted in the Sept. 2005 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

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