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compiled by Howard Israel

“As Michigan wages a mostly unsuccessful struggle to retain good jobs and well-educated workers, its policy of excluding gays (or exempting them from rights and privileges enjoyed by other citizens, which is the same thing) looks stupider with each passing day. What, exactly, have we accomplished by erecting one more obstacle to fresh talent and investment? (And please don’t talk to me about protecting Michigan’s children; they’re bailing faster than anyone.) God may not have created Adam and Steve, but if that happy couple opened a factory in southeast Michigan, I know a whole lot of straight guys who’d be willing to work in it.
– Brian Dickerson, commenting on Michigan’s self-destructive constitutional ban on same sex marriage, in his column titled “Exclusion looks even dumber now,” Detroit Free Press,, July 18.

“I think I’ve dealt with it so much my whole life that it really doesn’t bother me anymore, not as much as it used to. If you have a birthmark on your leg for so long, you don’t even notice it. I swear I think I was in second grade and this boy, he was like, ‘Are you gay?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know what that is.’ I’ve always been feminine but just never knew what it was.”
– Saro Harvey, 15-year-old ninth grader, Arlington, Va., interviewed in an article titled “Owning His Gay Identity – at 15 Years Old”, about LGBT youth coming out at younger ages, while studies indicate school administrators and staff are unprepared or belligerent, fellow students openly express their disapproval, and no anti-bullying policies existing to protect students on the basis of sexual orientation,, July 14.

“There are deaths in public places on the grounds that the victim is gay. There is a violence of language which can be related to violence in action. My own death threats have declined considerably. I think I’ve become rather boring now to the public at large on this particular issue so I’m thought to be unremarkable.”
– British actor Sir Ian McKellen, in a BBC interview,, July 14.

“I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family so, no, I don’t believe in gay adoption.”
– John McCain, Republican presidential candidate, when questioned about his conservative views and centrist messages, McCain offered a variety of about his views on social issues, New York Times, July 13. Mr. McCain, who with his wife, Cindy, has an adopted daughter, said flatly that he opposed allowing gay couples to adopt.

“We are pleased that Senator McCain clarified the remarks, and we thank the senator for once again re-iterating his belief that issues concerning marriage and family laws should be left up to the states – not the federal government.”
– Patrick Sammon, the president of Log Cabin Republicans, a gay Republican group, in a statement, responding to the clarification from McCain’s campaign spokesman, New York Times, July 16.

“We’re disappointed, but this ruling does not affect the campaign against Prop 8 in any way. We have been focused on continuing the election and moving forward, talking to voters and working in the precincts – asking Californians to Vote No on 8. Californians do not want their Constitution to single out people to be treated differently. We are confident they will vote ‘no’ in November to make sure everyone is treated equally under the law.”
– Equality California, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Lambda Legal, and the American Civil Liberties Union statement July 16.

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