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“This time around, ballot initiatives banning same-sex marriage drew markedly less support than in 2004; the draconian one endorsed by Mr. McCain in Arizona was voted down altogether. Two national politicians who had kowtowed egregiously to their party’s fringe, Rick Santorum and George Allen, were defeated, joining their ideological fellow travelers Tom DeLay and Ralph Reed in the political junkyard.”
– Frank Rich, NY Times, Dec. 17, “Mary Cheney’s Bundle of Joy” column where he reflects on the gradual demise of politicians who gay-bash.

“Dick Cheney’s Sixth Grandchild Will Have Two Mommies”
– Headline on Mary Cheney’s pregnancy, Dec. 6.

“Once you explain to the kids that there’s two mommies whereas most kids have a mom and a dad, they completely get it. They understand that it’s love. As they get older, you start saying ‘Yes, some people think that it’s wrong and our relationship is bad for you.’ And they laugh. They think it’s the most ridiculous thing on earth that our relationship is bad for them.”
– Melissa Etheridge, Us Magazine, Dec. 25 issue, discussing what it is like being gay parents.

“I’d love to marry Portia [de Rossi]. I pray that Portia and I are together the rest of our lives, and I believe we will [be] – but I’d love to have a legalized commitment, obviously.”
– Ellen DeGeneres to the British lesbian glossy Diva, January issue.

“I grew up going to church, but I was raised by my uncle who passed away with AIDS a couple of years ago. He was my mother’s best friend. And my mother’s cousin. He brought me to school every day. He helped me buy my prom dress. He made my clothes with my mother. He was like my nanny. He was my favorite person in the world. And you know, I never really mixed Christianity with how I felt [about him]. I am about faith and spirituality more so than religion. Doing right by others and not judging.”
– Singer Beyonce on gays to Instinct magazine, December issue.

“Paris Hilton … doesn’t really have a vocation. She is basically a celebutante. She changed fame by mining high-fashion poses learned from drag queens.”
– Lesbian writer Camille Paglia to Us Weekly magazine, Dec. 7.

“In the long-term, lesbian and gay identity is doomed. And a good thing too. Like every other expression of human culture, homosexual and heterosexual identities are historically transient. They haven’t always existed, and they won’t last forever. Indeed, the weakening, blurring and eventual dissolution of the labels queer and straight will be final proof of the demise of homophobia.”
– Key British gay activist Peter Tatchell writing in The Guardian, Nov. 27.

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