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“I haven’t done a love scene since … oh, I can’t remember. I have three this season on ‘The L Word.’ I was intrigued and turned on by the idea (of being with a woman, although) I would have been nervous either way. These scenes remind me of the ones in (1971’s) ‘The Last Picture Show’ because they were never about sex. With ‘The L Word,’ they’re very emotional.”
– Cybill Shepherd to Entertainment Weekly

“The main difference between doing Bruno and Borat, Bruno is for those who don’t know this Austrian gay fashion reporter, is that it’s a lot more dangerous doing Bruno because there is so much homophobia. So for ex when I was doing Bruno at the AL MIS football game in AL a few years ago 60,000 people in the crowd started chanting faggot and started throwing stuff at me and taunting me and spitting at me and threatening to kill me. and those kinds of situations are a lot more common when you’re playing a gay character. It’s almost as if homophobia is one of the last forms of prejudices that is really tolerated.”
– Sacha Baron Cohen on Fresh Air, Jan. 4.

“Homosexuals and lesbians are being paraded as something to be glorified. This is one reason why we will see the downfall of this country, and the other reason will be because of terrible disasters and a lawless nation. The worst part is: What kind of message are these people sending to our children, the ones who might be our leaders in the future? These kinds of behaviors brought down kingdoms and nations that are no longer here. Is this what we want for our nation?”
– Ora Mae Hale of Florence, Miss., in a Dec. 30 letter to the editor of The Clarion-Ledger, the daily newspaper in Jackson, Miss.

“I’ve always said that we oughta review law to make sure that people are treated fairly. On Mary Cheney, it’s a personal matter for the vice president and his family. I strongly support their privacy on the issue, although there’s nothing private when you happen to be the president or the vice president, I recognize that. I know Mary. And I like her, and I know she’s gonna be a fine, loving mother.”
– George W. Bush at a Dec. 20 press conference when reporter Ann Compton asked: “Mary’s having a baby, and you have said that you think Mary Cheney will be a loving soul to a child. Are there any changes in the law that you would support that would give same-sex couples greater access to things such as legal rights, hospital visits, insurance – that would make a difference, even though you’ve said it’s your preference – you believe that it’s preferable to have one man/one woman?”

“Well, I think that it’s just very lucky for me that I enjoy being a grandmother and I get to do it for the sixth time. Dick and I are both very much looking forward to this new baby.”
– Lynne Cheney, wife of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, on the pregnancy of their lesbian daughter Mary, to Fox News Sunday, Dec. 24.

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