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Short Nap

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1 “Femme’s Guide to the Universe” author Rednour
5 Type of room at a bathhouse
10 “West Side Story” gang
14 Cry of pride
15 The Scales, astrologically
16 Blade name
17 Cross-dressing comedian
19 “Legs” rock trio
20 Added to the scrapbook
21 David Sedaris’ works
23 Family diagram
24 Morales of “Resurrection Blvd.”
25 Some sex-toy batteries
28 Cause of Apr. angst
29 “The Naked Civil Servant” author Crisp
33 “I’m all ears”
35 “Don we now ___ gay apparel …”
36 Literature Nobelist Andre
37 Collette of “United States of Tara”
38 “Working Girls” director Borden
40 “Vogue” competitor
41 Welcome response after a tumble
42 Access ending
43 Cut loose
44 Solo passage, to Copland
46 J. Edgar Hoover’s org.
48 In need of a lube
49 Hammerhead part
50 Rimbaud’s zip
52 Emulate Todd Oldham
55 Hearty hunk of meat
59 Melodious Fitzgerald
60 Gay guy with grayish hair?
62 Full of activity
63 Name of many a gay bar
64 Without a date
65 Angelina’s tomb-raiding role
66 Chooses not to come
67 “All’s Well That ___ Well”


1 Type of father Robert Reed played
2 “If I Only ___ Brain”
3 Says further
4 Singer Bonnie
5 Pitch that isn’t straight
6 Hissy fits
7 “My People” author Abba
8 JFK info
9 Left no doubt
10 Ethel Waters, for one
11 Katharine’s “Butch Cassidy” role
12 Perry of Metropolitan Community Church
13 Suckers
18 Queer, to straights
22 Writer’s enc.
24 Prefix with lateral
25 Top floor
26 It arouses two body openings
27 Where priests come together
30 Did some floor work
31 One who screws around
32 Hard up
34 Cathedral of Hope pastor
35 Osbourne of rock
38 Deep throat medications
39 Caspian Sea land
43 Hot-tempered
45 Photog’s original
46 Tightly curled
47 Books about the will and grace of God
51 Lord Byron, for one
52 Stud poker demand
53 Napoleon’s exile isle
54 The word “queer,” e.g., before “Queer Eye”
55 Latvia’s capital
56 Long, long time
57 Material from Sylvia Beach?
58 Quite, to Colette
61 Squealer

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